2018 Gold Coast Pet Expo – All Wrapped Up

Kirsty (owner) and Kelly (helpful friend) at the AEA booth

2018 Gold Coast Pet Expo – All Wrapped Up

Wow, another Pet Expo done and what a weekend it was!

It was great to be able to display all of our huge range of toys, treats and puzzles for birds, cats and dogs this year with a big, double booth. It was also fantastic to be able to meet so many of YOU, my lovely customers and your pets. Myself (Kirsty) and a few of my helpers (Sean, Kelly, Amanda, Renae, Laura and Donna) were there throughout the weekend. Our own cats and dogs donated their food toys for the weekend to be tried by the dogs that came through and many treats were handed out!

Both business names (Animal Enrichment Australia and the original name of Kirsty’s Natural Bird Toys) were in use, to display that we cater to a range of species. We were the only business providing bird toys over the weekend, though Birdzone seed products were also there.

Below are a few more images from the weekend.

The Nina Ottosson Dog Maze being tried out by one of our visitors.

 The Animal Enrichment Australia and Kirsty’s Natural Bird Toys booths, side by side.

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