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    CFS Large Feeder Starter Kit (10 Refills)

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    CFS Large Feeder Starter Kit (10 Refills)

    The Creative Foraging Systems Box Feeder toy is great for feeding your birds' dry food and treats. Fill with a mix of food and bird safe foraging substrate to make the food harder to get to. Your bird will need to chew open the cardboard box to access the rewards inside! This starter pack comes with 10 refill boxes which come with a 'honeycomb divider' to separate the box into 8 compartments, prolonging the foraging enjoyment!  Refill packs of 15 boxes can be purchased separately in my store. This toy is the larger of the 2 sizes (shown together in last images) and is made from tough polycarbonate and will hold up against even the tougher beaks. It comes in clear, as pictured and attaches to the side of the cage using a polycarbonate screw/washer that fits most cage and aviary bars. Be careful not to cross thread these when tightening them as the screw pieces will snap!
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