Cat Foraging

A growing range of general playing toys, that are not food-based, for your feline friends to enjoy.

  • Go Cat Go Treat Ball

    0 out of 5

    Detailed description coming soon – added in time for pet expo 8th and 9th July.

    Twin pack of small foraging balls, suitable for cats and other small animals, including small parrots and rodents.

  • Nina Ottosson Cat Treat Maze

    0 out of 5

    It wobbles and spins around, so the treats pass a maze inside and then fall out. Amuses, entertains and activates.

    Put treats in the hole at the top on both sides of the Cat Treat Maze.

    The cat has to work to get the Cat Treat Maze in motion so that it wobbles, rocks and sometimes spins around, so that the treats pass through a maze inside on both sides and then fall out through the openings on both top and bottom.

    The Cat Treat Maze is a treat maze that activates and entertains your cat. The unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging. Can be used inside or outside. Let your cat work for his food and feed the meals in the Cat Treat Maze. Perfect for both slow and fast eaters.


    The ‘Cat Treat Maze’ comes in 1 size and is pink and blue. It is identical to the ‘Small Dog Treat Maze’, except the dog one is yellow and red.

  • Nina Ottosson Mix Max for Cats

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    Detailed description coming soon – added in time for pet expo 8th and 9th July!

    1 x ‘easy’ level currently available.

  • Ca-Tumbler Cat Foraging Toy

    0 out of 5

    This is a really cool foraging toy for cats. It’s different to the typical treat ball, while also being fairly light and not too difficult for our feline friends.


    The orange cat figure appears on each design, you can slide him around to block part of the opening in the side of the toy to adjust the difficulty. Take a look at the video tab to see Num Num learn to use the toy. The normal opening is on the lower part of each toy and it bobs back and forth on its’ weighted base. Each design has a small opening in the top of the toy too, the Sunflower design has the largest opening and food can also come out of this if your keen cat pushes it around far enough!

  • Aikiou Feline Stimulo Feeder

    0 out of 5

    The Stimulo toy by Aikiou (pronounced ‘IQ’) is a innovative toy for our feline friends. Put biscuits, treats or even small amounts of wet foods inside the tubes of this toy. Your cat will delight in pulling each morsel out of the tube with their paw. This is a clever toy to you get your puss thinking and working for their food.


    Great for clever kitties who have mastered and outgrown their treat balls, this toy provides a different challenge but isn’t at all too hard. You could give this toy to many cats as their first foraging experience too!

    $41.00 $33.70
  • Catit Senses Food Maze

    0 out of 5

    This smart toy plays on your cat’s instinct by enticing your feline to work for their food, which helps keep them active and entertained. Cats can be greedy eaters. The Catit Senses Food Maze is a slow feeding solution that encourages them to paw out snack-sizes portions at a much healthier pace.


    This toy is easy to dismantle to clean and the middle level has  3 adjustable difficulty settings.


    Great for clever kitties who have mastered and outgrown their treat balls, this toy provides a different challenge but isn’t at all too hard. You could give this toy to many cats as their first foraging experience too!

  • Kong Cat Food Ball

    0 out of 5

    Place treats inside and watch your cat chase and swat the KONG Treat Ball! Challenging and entertaining, the Treat Ball helps keep cats  busy, healthy and happy. This is a cool, little food ball that is fairly simple in design, yet more than you basic, hollow sphere. The ball is slightly oval shaped and has small ‘craters’ on the surface. Inside the food ball there is 2 sections, the inner shaft and the outer shell. Food moves around in these compartments, working their way to the opening for your clever cat to retrieve.


    A great treat ball for beginners and pros alike. Check out the video tab to see a litter of kittens playing with theirs.


  • Kong Cat Treat Cone

    0 out of 5

    KONG Active cat toys promote healthy exercise and fulfill cats’ instinctual desires to chase, hunt and capture. Place a few treats inside and watch cats chase and swat the Cat Treat Cone. Challenging and entertaining, the Cat Treat Cone helps keep cats busy, healthy, and happy.


  • JW Treat Tower (2 Sizes)

    0 out of 5

    The Treat Tower toy made by JW is a clever design with an adjustable level of difficulty. It sits upright, with a weighted base, until pushed by a dog’s paw or nose. When pushed it wobbles, spins, rolls and tilts, releasing treats as it does. There are 3 levels within the toy and each has opening(s) into the next level. At the bottom level there are openings for the food to fall out for your pooch to retrieve. The unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging, even for seasoned foragers and thanks to the 3 different opening sizes within the levels, you can adjust the difficulty of the toy for different biscuit sizes or to make it harder as your pooch learns. The Treat Tower can be used as an alternative to a dog bowl to help slow and extend mealtime while providing exercise for your dog. Unscrews for easy cleaning, though it can be filled from the top without having to open.


    The Treat Tower comes in 2 sizes, the small is suitable for dogs under 12kg. While the large is for dogs over 12kg (or for smaller dogs that you would like to provide a more difficult challenge). Both sizes have the same number of levels, however the small has only 1 opening per level and the large has 2 openings per level. They both have 3 different size options for these openings.
    The bottom level (from inside the toy, to outside for your pet to retrieve) has 4 openings that are not adjustable, however you can cover some of these openings internally if you’d like to. Scroll to the side of the images to see more than the preview.

  • Kong Cat Wobbler

    0 out of 5

    The KONG Cat Wobbler provides beneficial mental and physical stimulation for the household cat. With its entertaining wobbler action, the KONG Cat Wobbler makes playtime fun and rewarding by dispensing small treats. Used as a mealtime feeder, it also slows rapid eating and helps fight boredom and obesity by encouraging cats to work for their food. This is a really great toy that is more of a challenge for those cats that are talented at their food balls and need more of a challenge. The fluffy toy hanging from the top encourages play and the top half of the Wobbler is see-through so your cat can not only smell, but see what they’re working for.



    Just like the dog Wobbler, the cat Wobbler unscrews for easy filling and cleaning. The bottom half is weighted which makes it bounce back up between tugs and play.

  • Catmosphere Food Ball (cats & large parrots)

    0 out of 5

    Cats are hunters by nature. Stimulate your cat”s curiosity with this unique treat dispenser. Filled with your cat”s favorite treats the dispenser creates an unpredictable roll that engages the cat to chase it.

    This is a bit trickier than the standard food ball. The food/treats sit in the clear sphere for you cat to see, however they don’t just freely fall out of an opening in the toy like some easier designs. The centre of the toy has a large tube through the core of it and at the bottom of that core, there is a single opening. Your pet will need to get some food into the opening at the bottom and then tip the ball to let the reward out.


    Available only in pink currently.


    Suitable for cats and for large parrots! See the videos of my own Corella using the toy in her foraging tray.


  • Aikiou Feline Thin Kat Feeder

    5.00 out of 5

    Formed of a single base with 2 different openings, this feeder can be used for behavioural enrichment or the help your cat eat at a slower speed.  A cat interactive puzzle slow feeder like you have never seen before.  This is the ultimate tool to get your cat healthy and active!


    The ‘Thin Kat’ puzzle feeder brings challenge to a second level. Cats can play with their food inside and underneath the 2 large flowers sitting on top of this feeder. Your cat will enjoy hunting for its food like nature intended. Not only does it help them keep a healthy way, its also more natural for them to eat this way.


    This toy has adjustable difficulty and great instructions on how to gradually introduce it to your pet. The pieces come apart for easy cleaning.

    This new design has arrived in Australia! As of November 2017 it is IN STOCK.

  • Aikiou Feline Treat Mouse

    0 out of 5

    After studying cats natural behaviours, this mouse was created from a food safe and soft TPR material exempt from BPA and BHT. Cats can hunt this prey in order to get their food or treats. An easy toy to use for beginners and still fun for experienced foragers!


    The Aikiou treat mouse can be easily filled by turning it over and squeezing it so that the length-ways opening changes shape to allow easy filling. Then turn the mouse back over and watch your cat enjoy batting it around while the treats fall out the various small openings. The treat mouse is best suited for small kibble or dried treats that can be broken into small pieces. Larger kibble or dental treats are not as suitable in this toy.

    Choose from 3 different colours.

    This new design has arrived in Australia! As of November 2017 it is IN STOCK.