A growing range of general playing toys, that are not food-based, for your feline friends to enjoy.

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    Aikiou Feline Treat Mouse

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    Aikiou Feline Treat Mouse

    After studying cats natural behaviours, this mouse was created from a food safe and soft TPR material exempt from BPA and BHT. Cats can hunt this prey in order to get their food or treats. An easy toy to use for beginners and still fun for experienced foragers! The Aikiou treat mouse can be easily filled by turning it over and squeezing it so that the length-ways opening changes shape to allow easy filling. Then turn the mouse back over and watch your cat enjoy batting it around while the treats fall out the various small openings. The treat mouse is best suited for small kibble or dried treats that can be broken into small pieces. Larger kibble or dental treats are not as suitable in this toy.Choose from 3 different colours.This new design has arrived in Australia! As of November 2017 it is IN STOCK.
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    Kong Cat Denim Rings

    These durable cat denim toys will stand up to your cat’s active play sessions. A generous amount of KONG’s potent North American catnip has been added to further encourage play.
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    Fat Cat Classic Cracklers (3 Designs)

    FAT CAT® Crackler® toys promote maximum kitty frenzy! We've taken that crackly paper bag thing cats all love and artfully fused it with a cool cat toy design. Stuffed with our exclusive Zoom Around the Room® high-test organic catnip.
    $9.00 $5.20