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    Kong Cat Sway ‘n’ Play

    With 5 magnets in the base and an opposite magnet in the mouse, this toy bounces and twitches around against the forces of the magnet. There’s also catnip inside the mouse!


    A great, entertaining toy for your cat to play with.

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    JW Treat Tower (2 Sizes)

    The Treat Tower toy made by JW is a clever design with an adjustable level of difficulty. It sits upright, with a weighted base, until pushed by a paw or nose. When pushed it wobbles, spins, rolls and tilts, releasing treats as it does. There are 3 levels within the toy and each has opening(s) into the next level. At the bottom level there are openings for the food to fall out for your pet to retrieve. The unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging, even for seasoned foragers and thanks to the 3 different opening sizes within the levels, you can adjust the difficulty of the toy for different biscuit sizes or to make it harder as your pet learns. The Treat Tower can be used as an alternative to a food bowl to help slow and extend mealtime while providing exercise for your pet. Unscrews for easy cleaning, though it is easily filled from the top without having to open it all up.


    The Treat Tower comes in 2 sizes, the small is suitable for dogs under 12kg and cats. While the large is for dogs over 12kg (or for smaller dogs that you would like to provide a more difficult challenge). Both sizes have the same number of levels, however the small has only 1 opening per level and the large has 2 openings per level. They both have 3 different size options for these openings.
    The bottom level (where the food exits for your pet to retrieve) has 4 openings that are not adjustable, however you can cover some of these openings internally if you’d like to. See the last image for an example.

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    Go Cat Go Treat Ball (2 pack)

    The Go!Cat!Go! food ball will stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts. It is an easy, beginner foraging ball that your cat will learn to push around with nose or paw, while their meal falls out for them to retrieve. This toy is also perfect for small animals like Birds, Rats, Guinea Pigs and even Reptiles! (I have a Bearded Dragon customer who loves to get his dried mealworms from this ball).


    To fill the toy with your pets’ meal or treats, simply separate the 2 halves, load it and click back together. The Go!Cat!Go! food ball is 6cm in diameter and made from hard plastic. It comes as a twin pack of small foraging balls, suitable for cats and other small animals, including small parrots and rodents.

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    Fat Cat Classic Cracklers (3 Designs)

    FAT CAT® Crackler® toys promote maximum kitty frenzy! We’ve taken that crackly paper bag thing cats all love and artfully fused it with a cool cat toy design. Stuffed with our exclusive Zoom Around the Room® high-test organic catnip.

    $9.00 $5.20
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    Kong Cat Kitty Thrasher (3 Designs)

    Cats are naturally drawn to the crinkle sound and KONG Premium North American Catnip of the KONG Kitty Thrasher. This uniquely designed fish with extra-long crinkle fins is fun for cats to tackle, bat, and chase. Comes in three assorted characters.

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    Busy Buddy Twist n Treat Small

    One of my favourites! The Busy Buddy Twist ’n Treat will keep your dog busy as he tries to get the delicious treats inside. The two halves are adjustable to work with a wide variety of treat options. Twist the halves far apart to give your dog a quick reward, or twist the halves closer together for more of a challenge. Add biscuits, treats or even wet foods to this toy to entice your dog. You can even smear with cheese or peanut butter for a special treat.


    To use, twist apart the two halves of the Twist ’n Treat. Load with treats or kibble, and then twist the toy back together again. If your dog is new to treat dispensing toys, leave the halves far apart to make it easy to reach the treats. Twist the halves closer together for more of a challenge. This toy comes in 3 sizes (the medium is pictured in the last photo with Rosie, the Cattle Dog X). The small can also be suitable for cats.

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    Kong Cat Wobbler

    The KONG Cat Wobbler provides beneficial mental and physical stimulation for the household cat. With its entertaining wobbler action, the KONG Cat Wobbler makes playtime fun and rewarding by dispensing small treats. Used as a mealtime feeder, it also slows rapid eating and helps fight boredom and obesity by encouraging cats to work for their food. This is a really great toy that is more of a challenge for those cats that are talented at their food balls and need more of a challenge. The fluffy toy hanging from the top encourages play and the top half of the Wobbler is see-through so your cat can not only smell, but see what they’re working for.



    Just like the dog Wobbler, the cat Wobbler unscrews for easy filling and cleaning. The bottom half is weighted which makes it bounce back up between tugs and play.

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    Nina Ottosson Food Maze Green

    Exercise your pet’s mind and body with the Nina Ottosson Dog and Cat Treat Maze! This tap and flip treat game works to keep pet engaged and entertained, and is fun and easy to use! This toy is suitable for cats and small dogs. It replaces the previous versions: Cat Maze (which was pink and blue) as well as Dog Small Maze (was red and yellow), which were the same size as this new, green maze. There is sadly no longer a Large Dog Maze.


    2 HOLES FOR TREATS: This treat dispensing puzzle releases treats from 2 entry points: one on each side of the saucer. Put treats or kibble in both sides of the top center hole, and watch as your cat or dog puts it in motion to release them.


    EXCITE & ENGAGE: Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise for cats and dogs, and the Treat Maze is a great way to challenge and engage your pet in new and exciting ways.


    SHAKE IT: After filling the Treat Maze, shake the saucer a little to move around the scent of the treats and to help your pet understand that tasty treats are waiting for them inside.


    LEVEL 2 CHALLENGE: Fun for all. There’s no limit on age, size or breed when it comes to having fun and teaching your pet new tricks with Nina Ottosson games and puzzles. Simply fill with treats and enjoy!


    HOW TO PLAY: Fill with treats or kibble in both sides of the top center hole. Let your pet smell to get excited. Show them how the Treat Maze bobs and flips to release rewards. Cats and dogs are smarter than you think. Sometimes we just need to teach them!


    PLAY TOGETHER: Nina Ottosson Puzzle Games focus on challenging your pet’s brain. Supervise when playing, and don´t let your dog chew on the toy. Teach them how to use the puzzle, play and have fun together. Put away until next time. Very durable for pawing and throwing, but sensitive for chewing.


    EASY TO CLEAN: To wash your pet’s Treat Maze, simply remove all treats/kibble and hand wash with warm soapy water, rinse clean and dry. Fill again for more fun!

    This is a smaller sized toy, fun for all cats and most dogs – regardless of age & size.  Measurements: Diameter 18 cm, height 6 cm.

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    Catmosphere Food Ball (cats & large parrots)

    Cats are hunters by nature. Stimulate your cat”s curiosity with this unique treat dispenser. Filled with your cat”s favorite treats the dispenser creates an unpredictable roll that engages the cat to chase it.

    This is a bit trickier than the standard food ball. The food/treats sit in the clear sphere for you cat to see, however they don’t just freely fall out of an opening in the toy like some easier designs. The centre of the toy has a large tube through the core of it and at the bottom of that core, there is a single opening. Your pet will need to get some food into the opening at the bottom and then tip the ball to let the reward out.


    Available only in pink currently.


    Suitable for cats and for large parrots! See the videos of my own Corella using the toy in her foraging tray.


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    Snuggle Safe Heat Pad

    Feeling the cold? As the temperature cools down, these Snuggle Safe Heat Pads are a great, SAFE way to keep your pets warm. With no electric cords or chewable surfaces, this is the safest way to do it. The Snuggle Safe Heat Pad can be used for cats, dogs, parrots, rabbits and pocket pets.


    Microwave for about 8 minutes (see instructions for different microwaves) and it stays warm for nearly 10 hours so it’s great for overnight. The heat pad comes with a fleece cover which can be used with cats, dogs and most pocket pets, though it’s recommended to not have materials in reach of parrots and other pets that like to chew fabric. I choose to not have fabrics near my birds and it works just fine without the cover.

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    Christmas Gift Voucher

    Spoil your friend or loved one with a gift voucher to use in our online store! Select from the range of values available or contact me if you have another request 🙂


    The image shown is a template of the voucher that I would provide, however I can change the wording to suit. All vouchers purchased before Christmas 2017 will have an expiry date of 30th June 2018 (a little more than 6 months).


    Please include notes in your order (added at checkout) with who the voucher should be addressed to and if you’d like to change any of the wording. I will manually create the voucher and send it to the email address that you place your order with. The voucher code is also something that I create, so let me know if you’d like it to be something in particular (all lower case and numbers, no spaces).


    There is, of course, no shipping fee when purchasing only the voucher. If purchasing other products, the normal shipping fee will apply to those other products.

    I will manually create your voucher and send it as soon as possible after payment clears, please allow up to 2 days during busy periods.

    The voucher code alone can be provided if you would prefer to create your own voucher design.