Christmas, New Year and Holidays

Christmas, New Year and Holidays

As the holiday period looms closer, couriers are still working hard. I’m in the workshop every day too, making and sending orders, right up until Christmas Eve! Turn around times are short and most orders are being sent same or next day. Delivery times have been impressive to most areas, though express is recommended to everywhere outside of South East Queensland in this final week. Deliveries to Melbourne and Perth have been slowest, with express highly recommended.

I will be sending orders until 24th December, then on 29th, 30th and 31st of December and again on the 4th of January. I then have a short holiday 4th to 7th of January, where no orders will be sent. Business returns to normal from 10th of January. See the table below for more details and order cut-off times.

Natural bird toys will still be available until 23rd December, though ordering fresh toys with such little time before Christmas isn’t particularly recommended, unless you’re in Brisbane (fast delivery) or using express post for delivery to metro areas. Rural areas and Perth may now not see deliveries in time for Christmas, even with express post. Natural bird toys will be unavailable during the Christmas and New Year break, but will be back around the 13th of January.

Pre-made barky branches and the huge range of bird, cat and dog toys that are in stock will all be available for purchase online throughout the break!

Couriers and Australia Post will not be operating on the public holidays, so I’ll have a little break too. We’ll be packing and sending orders on the 29th, 30th and 31st of December.
I will work to pack orders over the New Year Weekend, as all postal services will be running as normal from Tuesday the 4th of January. Any orders placed prior to 4pm on 3rd January, will be sent on the 4th. I’m then going away for a short family holiday from the 4th to 7th of January, so no orders will be processed in that time. During my holiday, you can order, for your parcel to be sent from Monday the 10th of January. Business will return to normal from 10th January and naturals will be made available again from around the 12th of January, once I am caught up on any existing orders.

Order OnSent On
23rd December23rd or 24th December
Before 10am on 24th December24th December
After 10am on 24th December until 28th December29th December
29th December to before 10am on 31st December29th to 31st December
After 10am on 31st December to 3rd January 4pmTuesday 4th January
After 4pm on 3rd January until 10th January10th and 11th January
11th January onwardsSame or next business day

Natural Bird Toys will be made available again once all orders are caught up on after my break. I estimate this to be around the 12th of January. Orders that do not contain naturals will still be processed same or next business days. While naturals will be made in a fair order and some delays may occur for the fresh, hand made toys, as I may see a surge in demand after 3 weeks without them.

We hope you have a happy and safe holiday period. Thank you for your support of my small business during 2021 and I can’t wait to continue to enrich your pets’ lives in 2022!

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