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  • Balsa Heaven by Esra Ulukan
    I've come back so many times to buy balsa heaven for my cockatiels! They're no toy like this, It'll keeps them busy for ages, they also love the beads
  • Native T Stand by Ann-marie Woolston
    My 2 green cheek conures adore their T perch, they love to climb, hang upside down and chew on the bark. Its a great place to sit them when training or they are just wanting to chill or preen each other. Its Sturdy, natural and 100% better than I could buy elsewhere. Thank you I will be ordering again! Anna
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by mildowts
    Im really liking these pellets Theyre a great addition to feeding with tropican and gives my little guys a chance to hold their pellets which they love
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by MICHAEL RANDALL
    The Murphy’s Mini Pellets were pretty much an instant hit with my two Lovebirds, and my Slaty Headed Parakeet has transitioned over just fine also from the Roudybush. I had tried another brand in the meantime and it wasn’t really taken to the lovebirds just chucked a bunch into their water dish.
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by Nazareen
    Absolute life saver. My 6 and 7 year old Quakers have been on roudybush their whole life. Since it stopped being manufactured I tried TOPS with no success at all, vetafarm daily maintenance was a fail for one while the other picked at it. I was so happy when I received my first bag of mini Murphys pellet, it looked very similar to roudybush and both birds took to it immediately gobbling up every little bit. 2 very happy Quakers and 1 very happy Quaker mum 😁
  • Snuggle Safe Heat Pad by Laura (lolli) Nisbet
    I cannot rate this more. Despite my birds being terrified of it the first few days it has helped them keep warm in the Canberra cold of -1. They are snug of a night and I’m not having to worry about something lighting a fire. Also my partner found it useful when he was sick with a cold 🙂
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by Amy Hollow
    I offer my Quaker girl a selection of Harrison’s, Tropican, and previously Roudybush. I’m thrilled to say Cera LOVES the Murphy’s and searches it out above the other pellets. Cera and I thank you for offering this new pellet. 😍😍😍
  • Pellet Sample by Jaime Orr
    Only place I know that gives samples of food to try first for free! Amazing I was able to try before committing to a bigger bag
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by Jaime Orr
    Bought these for my Quaker parrot who has never eaten pellets before and she took to them straight away eagerly I expected her to be hesitant but she loves these
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by rachaelsmethurst
    Very happy with these! My Quakers, galah and conures all loved them 😍
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by Lesley Proud
    I bought some of the mini pellets for my fussy cockatiel who had been eating Roudybush but would not eat other brands. I am happy to say she ate these straight away with gusto. No more worrying trying to find a replacement for the no longer manufactured Roudybush. So happy
  • Bolt on Natural Branch Perch - Various Sizes by Aleisha Moran
    Great perch for my birds, super soft paperbark and they love to chew the flakes off. Easy to place in the cage. Great grip for my mobility-impaired cockatiel
  • Natural Foot Toys by Maddy meredith
    Love these for my lorikeet! I feel happy knowing he’s enjoying himself with natural, safe toys. So small and simple yet so entertaining. Will definitely order more!
  • Natural 2cm Vine Balls (each) by Erika Kreiseler
    Cute miniature vine balls, a great, satisfying crunchy toy for any bird who loves chewing. Perfect to add to a foraging box!
  • Shredded Crinkly Paper (20g) by Erika Kreiseler
    My birds probably dont care what colour their paper is, but i think this is such a pretty mix! My budgies thoroughly enjoy making a big mess with it, regardless 🙂
  • Small Balsa Bricks (10) by Erika Kreiseler
    I add these mini bricks to foraging toys - they are especially loved by my blind budgie Evie, who thoroughly enjoys crunching them up!
  • Planet Pleasures Rainbow Shredders by Erika Kreiseler
    Pretty and versatile! I have cut small pieces to add into foraging trays, and woven this into my budgies cage bars as something different to chew up. These would be great for any bird who loves to chew and shred.
  • Planet Pleasures Natural Zig Zag Shredders by Erika Kreiseler
    These are great cut into strips and threaded onto toys. I also cut long strips and weave them through the bars on my budgies cage, for them to chew at - a nice shredding option which you can quickly give your birds if you are short on time 🙂
  • Plastic Spinning Wheel 1.5" by Erika Kreiseler
    Great to add to DIY foraging toys, whether hanging (acting as a "lid") or incorporated into a foraging box.
  • Regular Pacifier Beads (each) by Erika Kreiseler
    These make a great addition to string onto DIY toys - a nice sturdy plastic which stands up to small bird nibbles.