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Want to hear what other people think of the products available from Animal Enrichment Australia? See these recent reviews.

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  • Planet Pleasures Mini Pinata by Linda Eales
    My Quaker parrot loves these, perfect for hiding sunflower seed and nuts in.
  • Bulk Various Yucca Pieces (20) by Linda Eales
    Great variety of Yucca pieces for threading and hiding treats in.
  • Unique Forked Bolt on Natural Branch Perch by Linda Eales
    These are great, my Quaker just loves spending time chewing the bark off.
  • Spring Fling by Linda Eales
    My Quaker parrot absolutely loves this toy, so many different textures and elements all in the one spot. Hard wearing and lots of fun.
  • Sola Zig Zag Chips (30) by Linda Eales
    I tried some threaded onto the small paper string for my aviary birds and found my Bourkes parrot just loved playing and chewing them.
  • Native T Stand by Kaz Adams
    Because Patrick’s tail is so long I asked Kirsty if she would be interested in custom making a t-stand for him for training and I’m so glad she has decided to include them online for everyone. I can now have him safely on the kitchen ledge or take him anywhere in the house and train him anywhere. The ironbark base is heavy and stable for flight training, is easy to clean and the natural t-stand is great for climbing up and down and having a chew. Nothing online or in the shops was suitable for Patrick or of the quality of Kirsty’s stands. They look beautiful, are sturdy and safe.
  • Stainless Steel Quick Link by Jaimi Leonard
    In the process of changing all my clips over to these guys! Safest option and they are affordable!
  • Roudybush Crumbles Maintenance Pellet by Jaimi Leonard
    Was recommended these pellets and my baby cockatiel loves them! I feed about 25% of these pellets in his diet. Works for us!
  • Sundeck Platform - Small by Jaimi Leonard
    My cockatiel absolutely loves this platform! I will definitely be purchasing again once I have a bigger cage!
  • Sisal Orbit (PT678) by CuddlyConures
    My two Green Cheeks absolutely love their sisal orbit. They honestly spend like 90% of their day on it. It’s the perfect size for them and looks great in their cage. Definitely recommend!
  • Small Timber Apple by Rebecca Westlund
    Rio absolutely loves her apple. She uses it as her special blankey at night, and she loves to snuggle up inside of it. It's so cute!
  • Corner Shelf - Powder Coated by Sam21
    Malaki is a blue fronted amazon parrot and he now has two of these platforms. They are his favourite place to be. Malaki likes to be upside down on his platforms so he can kick his toys with his feet. The platforms are great quality
  • Planet Pleasures Mini Pinata by Sam21
    Both our conures adore this toy so much. Sitting in the corner happily chewing away, will order this for them again
  • Bolt on Natural Branch Perch - Various Sizes by Sam21
    These are so great for our birds. Cheaper than pet shops. Freshly made and quick delivery. Excellent for our birds feet and a great chew toy. All our birds love stripping the bark off fresh perches. The bolt on ones are convenient and easy to use. Our birds love them
  • Spring Fling by Sam21
    Ordered this for one of our conures, Anzu loves it. It was already being chewed on as I tried to hang it in his cage. Will most likely order another when they are back in stock
  • Roudybush Crumbles Maintenance Pellet by Taylor Duysen
    A staple in my two cockatiels' diets! I also love that these pellets do not have any added sugars or colours like some pellets do. Would definitely recommend them!
  • Planet Pleasures Large Natural Pinata by Maggie Fitzgerald
    This toy is excellent. I bought it thinking it would be a quick chew for my active blue and gold macaw. To my suprise this lasted her a good week! Which is pretty good by my standards. She enjoyed shredding it, and I enjoyed cleaning up all the fun stuff on the inside. Will be adding one of these to my regular toy order.
  • F10 SC Veterinary Disinfectant Concentrate 200ml by Fonix
    Shipping time was super quick and product works great. Makes me feel like my bird will have a cleaner environment while also not getting sick from normal cleaning wash.
  • Large Natural Swing by Sarah Peterson
    Fantastic product! I have at least 3 of these. Our Eclectus Mango is always chewing or playing with something on these swings, love them!
  • Large Acrylic Maze by Sarah Peterson
    Perfect for our Eclectus parrot, our boy kept playing until it was completely empty! Really happy with it!