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Want to hear what other people think of the products available from Animal Enrichment Australia? See these recent reviews.

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  • Sola Stack by Tayla
    My 2 Lorikeets absolutely loveeee this toy! I received a sample of sola a while back in a previous order from AEA and I couldnt believe how quickly they destroyed it! Highly recommend for parrots who love shredding especially high energy lorikeets!
  • Bolt on Natural Branch - Various Sizes by Clare
    These are the best natural perches, always clean and always nice and barky! I've tried some from other places and honestly they are no where near the quality of the ones supplied by Kirsty.
  • Star Beads (10) by Clare
    Great for adding to toys. Nice and colourful and packed neatly!
  • Boo's Balsa Bliss by Clare
    Great toy and really well made. My balsa obsessed budgie is one happy (and spoilt) birdy.
  • Natural Foot Toys by Clare
    I got one for my budgie and he was so excited when I put this in his cage! An instant hit is always great 😄 It's super well made too.
  • ZuPreem NutBlend Pellet by Sheree Macdonsld
    I got a sample pack of the Conure and Parrot size and my Quaker’s are finally eating pellets I feed them as a treat they are a good size for them to hold in their feet and eat
  • Frond Lanyard by Maddy
    My Quaker and Hahn's Macaw love this toy! They definitely chew at the pale, natural rope stuff but it seems sturdier than some of the other shredding toys I've bought them so it's lasting well. The little wood discs have been chewed off with delight and I still poke treats in the toy sometimes for them to find. A great all-rounder!
  • Large Sisal Boing 2.5cm x 275cm by HollowRoots
    A favourite of my conures and finches
  • Extra Large Foraging Wheel (Second Generation) by Kaz Adams
    I love this wheel. As Kirsty recommended, for anyone with an alex you definitely need the large. It come completely apart for filling and cleaning and apart from really fine chop it's great for vege chunks, treats, pellets. Only fine chop goes into a bowl, all other food is given to him in foraging toys.
  • Loose Banksia Seed Pods (Dry) by Kaz Adams
    Patrick, my alex, loves the dry pods, they are easy to hold and great for a destroying beak. I also know that they are clean and safe from any wild bird diseases.
  • Regular Sola Ball 5cm+ by Kaz Adams
    These balls are fantastic. I poked little treats into the gaps and Patrick had a “ball”. Toys that are easily and quickly destroyed are just as important for enrichment as hard, long lasting toys. If you have an alexandrine, enjoy the moment, it doesn’t last long but it’s worth every cent!
  • Scooter Z's Stainless Steel Skewers (3 sizes) by Cathryn McKenzie
    Excellent quality and so easy to skewer a variety of items. The quick link is very sturdy and doesn't feel cheap like products I have ordered elsewhere.
  • Sundeck Platform - Small by Cathryn McKenzie
    Perfect sized platform for my cockatiel (who has 2!), and when placed high in the cage with a seagrass mat it's her favourite place to sleep or eat treats. This is by far the best value and easiest place to order them that I could find in my searches.
  • Regular Sola Ball 5cm+ by Daisy Kelly
    Hugely recommend these are a big hit with my 3 lorikeets, great for birds that love to chew and pull things apart!
  • Large Natural Chew by Daisy Kelly
    Super perfect for my lorikeets, they love the different textures and its so nice to give them something natural and safe!
  • Medium Colourful Chew by Daisy Kelly
    So much fun, my little lorikeet who is 6 months old just loves this!
  • Banksia Bonanza by Daisy Kelly
    Amazing, my lorikeets love this chew! One of my babies is a bit bigger than average and loves to hang off this and explore all the different parts, super recommend!
  • Holy Gumballs by Rebecca Atkins
    My Conure has made this toy her new best friend. When she’s resting she snuggles up next to it and nibbles on the ‘straws’ 🙂
  • Extra Large Natural Swing by mildowts
    Absolutely the best naturals swing I've come across.It keeps my big boys so happy for hours and easy to refill or buy another once they destroy the perch
  • Cardboard Crazy by mildowts
    Absolutely amazing toy. Trixie is so happy trying to knock out the treats I stuff in there with paper covering the ends