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  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by Jenny Palmer
    My girls used to have Roudybush mixed with their Zupreem pellets so these seemed like a great transition for them. My girls really like them, but being cockatiels they prefer the crumble size when i can get my hands on them! A little less mess with the crumbles! However these are definitely a win for us!
  • Murphy's Crumbles Maintenance Pellet by
    My lovebird refused to eat anything except Roudybush until I tried him on Murphy's Crumbles (and I tried ALL the other brands sold in Australia).. He loves it and devoured his first meal without coming up for air! There was no waste with the Crumbles so I'll probably stick to this size because he tends to like the smaller feeds. I'm so glad I don't have to pay exorbitant prices and wait forever for Roudybush to arrive from the US. This is a fantastic Australian made product and reasonably priced. I'll be ditching the Roudybush and sticking to the Murphy's for sure!
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by Helen Wozniak
    My cockatiel can be a fussy eater, and I was a bit worried when Roudybush was discontinued. I had tried other pellets to no avail and was getting more concerned as he ate his way through my last bag. Glad to say he has adapted well to these pellets, although I am going to order some of the crumbles that just came in as he always preferred that type of pellet. Thanks for supplying these, a happy bird and owner. Great toys too.
  • Mastermind Circle Forager by Eelynn
    Great for giving my Sulphurs their pellets. Have to fill 6 cones but hardly any wastage. Easy to remove, give a wipe over, fill the cones up, back into aviary. Only minus-occasionally, have found Sulphur has removed a cone, whether from brut strength or fluke? Galahs also love it. Have filled cones with almond in shell and the mini featherweight toys. Give them 6 cones but leave some empty to make it more challenging
  • Sundeck Platform - Small by JessWalker13
    My cockatiel spends the majority of her time on her sundeck now! She eats, sleeps & plays on it! Great price too!!
  • Small Timber Banana by JessWalker13
    My 2yo cockatiel Wicket absolutely loved destroying this toy! Haha! Great price and kept her entertained for hours!!
  • Mini Beaks Chew Pack by JessWalker13
    My 2 cockatiels loved all the toys in this pack! They loved chewing and shredding and exploring! Great idea to pack them all together! Love it!!
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by Felicity Glencross
    Whilst my birds have loved Tops pellets, there is so much waste and I can't stand throwing away money! I prefer to buy Australian Made, so decided to give Murphy's a go. I began with offering them in the same dish as the Tops pellets, and to my surprise all 5 of my weiros happily chomped down the Murphey's in preference to Tops! It's a winner for us!
  • Balsa Heaven by A-U
    great toy
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by Katie Allan
    My budgie loves these pellets. He was on vetafarm crumbles - and I was expecting a transition period to Murphys - but he just took to these instantly. The 'mini' size is bigger than the vetafarm crumbles he was used to, but he had no trouble breaking apart the Murphys pellets and its clear he prefers the taste of the Murphys. I crushed a couple for him to get him started - they crumble up really easily for little beaks. Really happy with them - very little waste as all the crumbs gets gobbled up too! The cockatiels also like them - no problem breaking them apart or holding in their feet to eat.
  • Balsa Heaven by Esra Ulukan
    I've come back so many times to buy balsa heaven for my cockatiels! They're no toy like this, It'll keeps them busy for ages, they also love the beads
  • Native T Stand by Ann-marie Woolston
    My 2 green cheek conures adore their T perch, they love to climb, hang upside down and chew on the bark. Its a great place to sit them when training or they are just wanting to chill or preen each other. Its Sturdy, natural and 100% better than I could buy elsewhere. Thank you I will be ordering again! Anna
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by mildowts
    Im really liking these pellets Theyre a great addition to feeding with tropican and gives my little guys a chance to hold their pellets which they love
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by MICHAEL RANDALL
    The Murphy’s Mini Pellets were pretty much an instant hit with my two Lovebirds, and my Slaty Headed Parakeet has transitioned over just fine also from the Roudybush. I had tried another brand in the meantime and it wasn’t really taken to the lovebirds just chucked a bunch into their water dish.
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by Nazareen
    Absolute life saver. My 6 and 7 year old Quakers have been on roudybush their whole life. Since it stopped being manufactured I tried TOPS with no success at all, vetafarm daily maintenance was a fail for one while the other picked at it. I was so happy when I received my first bag of mini Murphys pellet, it looked very similar to roudybush and both birds took to it immediately gobbling up every little bit. 2 very happy Quakers and 1 very happy Quaker mum 😁
  • Snuggle Safe Heat Pad by Laura (lolli) Nisbet
    I cannot rate this more. Despite my birds being terrified of it the first few days it has helped them keep warm in the Canberra cold of -1. They are snug of a night and I’m not having to worry about something lighting a fire. Also my partner found it useful when he was sick with a cold 🙂
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by Amy Hollow
    I offer my Quaker girl a selection of Harrison’s, Tropican, and previously Roudybush. I’m thrilled to say Cera LOVES the Murphy’s and searches it out above the other pellets. Cera and I thank you for offering this new pellet. 😍😍😍
  • Pellet Sample by Jaime Orr
    Only place I know that gives samples of food to try first for free! Amazing I was able to try before committing to a bigger bag
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by Jaime Orr
    Bought these for my Quaker parrot who has never eaten pellets before and she took to them straight away eagerly I expected her to be hesitant but she loves these
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by rachaelsmethurst
    Very happy with these! My Quakers, galah and conures all loved them 😍