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  • Snuggle Safe Heat Pad by TailsBird
    I was worried that the product wouldn't match the description, and that it wouldn't last as long as it promises on the label. I am so happy to be proven wrong! This thing really does last for hours, and its perfect for the Canberra nights without having to worry about leaving an electric heater unattended overnight. Its also great for people use, and can be used to help your sore muscles as well when your birdie isn't using it.
  • Seesaw by Kaz Adams
    I have an alexandrine and the Seesaw had a good size opening to comfortably put his head in and get the treats. Not too difficult to work out with some initial guidance, excellent for pellets.
  • Murphy's Crumbles Maintenance Pellet by Helen Wozniak
    Very relieved to see my cockatiel transition from Roudybush to these crumbles, thanks for making this size pellet. He has refused all other brands, so I mix the crumble with a few of the smaller pellets and it works out well. Also glad to be buying local too.
  • Murphy's Lorikeet Diet by April Los
    The murphys lorikeet food is great, we've given it to multiple rescue lorikeets either wet or dry and they all eat it up. The ingredients look great compared with a lot of other lorikeet foods on the market so I was pleased to find murphys was making this as well as their pellets.
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by April Los
    Murphys pellets are great, I love that they're australian made and it's been very easy to transition our birds over to them. I love that they come in such large sizes as well, it's very handy for us here at our parrot sanctuary. And they are so much more affordable than other high quality pellets.
  • ZuPreem Natural Pellet by April Los
    These are great pellets! All our birds love them, even the pickiest ones
  • Medium Natural Swing by Annie
    After the initial 'what the heck is that ?!' , my cockatiels love it. The pods also provide an excellent place to hide treats for them to find 🙂
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by Sarah Patterson
    I have a super picky Indian Ringneck and I am pleased as punch to say that she transitioned over to the pellets so well!! They're amazing, they're so much better for her, the mess is far easier to clean up as well. I really appreciate the helpful notes and nutritional info on the back.
  • Planet Pleasures Fire Wheel Foot Toy (3 pack) by
    Great size for my conure, he loves to chew it. It is a great foraging and shredding toy. Highly recommend for small birds.
  • Small Acrylic Maze by Cockatiel Crazy
    An amazing foraging toy! My little ones love it (Lovebird, Cockatiels and Conures). The maze is so easy to fill when strategically placed near the door of the cage. I don't even need to remove it - just funnel the food in with my fingers! It doesn't take up too much cage space, isn't intimidating for the nervous birds and takes plenty of time for them to work at each day (with different substrate added as well as snacks). It's also a really long term investment. My first maze has been used every day for over 5 years now. I've bought a few more since, so that each of my birds have one and they're all as good as new. Highly recommended!
  • Mini Bird Lockdown Pack by Cockatiel Crazy
    What a great pack and awesome idea for our lil' birds! My Cockatiels and Budgies love everything they received this week and my order came so quickly with the express shipping. Especially being in Sydney, I'm very impressed to get this next day and at such a good price. Thank you!
  • Murphy's Small Maintenance Pellet by Sonja F
    Our Galah loved Roudy Bush but now no longer able to get it so the alternative was Murphy’s. It’s very similar looking to Roudy bush & our Galah didn’t have an issue with the brand change & a bonus this is Australian made! Would recommend this product!!
  • Extra Small Sisal Boing 1.6cm x 120cm by Miranda
    My budgies love to jump on and off of this rope. as well as some chewing on it when they sit still long enough.
  • Bolt on Natural Branch Perch - Various Sizes by Miranda
    My birds absolutely loved shredding the bark off of the branches! They also still continue to enjoy sitting on them whenever outside of their cages as well.
  • Murphy's Crumbles Maintenance Pellet by Harry's mummy
    My Harry aka the four year old blue flash ultra flying budgie machine is a frequent and very active flyer EVERY day. When Roudybush Australia was discontinued I was beside myself trying to find something else that was good enough for such an active bird. Vetafarm proved disastrous for Harry as he needed much higher quality formulation and subsequently he got sick. So then we tried Zupreem and it was successful in getting him back to a healthy weight and condition but as it was starting to run out supplies of it from the USA were non existent around the country and luckily these Murphy Crumbles had come in, just in time. I’ve been weighing the blue flash every day with no loss of grammage whatsoever. His plumage is very healthy and strong and there have been NO issues with his poos. Feather regrowth from moulting is strong. Bright eyes and lots of energy. He’s energetic, healthy, happy and singing and talking his little head off on the Murphy’s Crumbles maintenance pellet. Most importantly this change of brand and formula to Murphy’s has come off without a hitch for a bird used to pellets and yes, there is far less waste in powder.. He just chews them all up. Highly recommend as it’s an Australian made product, fit for purpose and it’s incredible value for money. (Leaves more money to buy Harry the blue flash new toys and enrichment items.) From now on it’s Murphy’s forever….
  • Treat Dispensing Crunchy Football by Starmark (2 sizes) by Margaret Young
    Our dog (a Labrador) absolutely loves his Crunchy Foot Ball (larger size). He chews it for ages and it’s still in good shape with lots of crunch – he really seems to enjoy it. I also sometimes put some treats inside it and he throws the toy around to get them out. A great all-rounder and very well priced toy.
  • Rattler Ring Foot Toy by Missemz
    My macaw has had his rattler ring for 3 years almost now and it's still going strong one of his favourite toys , it takes a beating he throws it on the floor chews it you name it this rings been through it !!! Fantastic buy and a great gift from my lovely friend xx
  • ZuPreem Natural Pellet by HopeGonzo
    My birds love this! The smell takes a little getting used to, but less wastage than some of the other pellets around. I like the fact its lower in fat than others.
  • Pinecone Paradise Large by Kaz Adams
    This looks amazing and Patrick will go crazy when he starts to get into it.
  • Sundeck Platform - Large by Kaz Adams
    I bought a couple of platforms for Patrick’s new outdoor enclosure. They are fantastic as I can unhook them and move them around so easily.