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  • Holy Gumballs by Rebecca Atkins
    My Conure has made this toy her new best friend. When she’s resting she snuggles up next to it and nibbles on the ‘straws’ 🙂
  • Extra Large Natural Swing by mildowts
    Absolutely the best naturals swing I've come across.It keeps my big boys so happy for hours and easy to refill or buy another once they destroy the perch
  • Cardboard Crazy by mildowts
    Absolutely amazing toy. Trixie is so happy trying to knock out the treats I stuff in there with paper covering the ends
  • Multi Crunch by Cockatiel Crazy
    One of my flocks' long term-favourites! A nice, big toy for my Cockatiel play aviary, it lasts so long even with all of them chewing at it. I got one for my Dad's Galah too and he loved it with peanuts inside the vine balls.
  • Chewy Fun by Cockatiel Crazy
    The perfect toy for my Cockatiel and Conure - I had to get them one each! It was good to find out which bits each of my birds liked best, but nothing went to waste between them. Nice and affordable too.
  • Coloured Balsa Heaven by HopeGonzo
    This is a favourite for 2 of my cockatiel flock. It keeps them busy, just chewing away at it, with a dreamy look on their face. I love the rainbow colours.
  • Balsa Garden by Rebecca Atkins
    Such a pretty toy - however my Conure got straight to work! The balsa was chewed out of it on day one. Within a week she’d chewed through all of the leather strips that held the beads on and chewed the ‘dinger’ thing out of the bell. We now have the big circle thing hanging.. that’s it! I guess she definitely enjoyed it but, for the price, I would have liked it to have lasted a bit longer:)
  • Silly Saucer Rattle Toy Small by Rebecca Atkins
    I don’t even know what made me order this quite plain, nondescript little toy when I order my Conures last box of toys, but she absolutely LOVES it! It hangs from the roof of her cage above her ‘sundeck’, so she can stand in her favourite place to play with it. She’s completely obsessed with it! 🙂
  • Sundeck Platform - Small by Ashlee Smith
    I just brought some small sun decks to put into my Alexandrines indoor play aviary. He absolutely LOVES them! He loved his large sun deck which he has had for a while now but he is just as happy on the smaller ones as he climbs around the aviary. Highly recommend this product!
  • Pinecone Christmas Wreath by Kaz Adams
    Patrick is loving his festive wreath, he has a chew goes away, comes back, chews some more. If it wasn’t Patrick’s it would be hanging on my door! It’s lovely. Another wonder Kirsty Kreation! Xx
  • Bolt on Natural Branch Perch - Various Sizes by Linda Eales
    I love the natural perches, each piece is unique. My Quaker loves spending time debarking them. Even my aviary birds are enjoying them.
  • Vibrant Bamboo Finger Traps (each) by Linda Eales
    My Quaker's favourite, I think he loves the bright colours.
  • Jellyfish by Linda Eales
    Great little toy, my Quaker loves to shake his and thread it through the cage bars.
  • Small Squidalicious by Linda Eales
    My Quaker spends ages playing with this toy, he loves chewing it and tries to weave it through the cage bars
  • Scooter Z's Stainless Steel Skewers (3 sizes) by Linda Eales
    These are perfect for threading fruit and vegies onto and for hanging foraging balls from.
  • Bamboo Finger Traps (each) by Linda Eales
    I thread these onto a leather strap and put an almond inside for my Quaker to find he loves wrecking them.
  • Balsa Munch Sticks by Linda Eales
    Great stuff to munch on, I put these into vine balls and he just loves chewing it.
  • Small Sunflower by Planet Pleasures by Linda Eales
    Fabulous toy, my Quaker loves this toy. I hide treats in the weave and he just loves destroying it.
  • Banksia Bonanza by Sarah Alderson
    I bought these fresh for my cockatoo and one for my Amazon. I have never seen them so excited by a toy, it has kept them busy for weeks…every day I find both playing with what’s left. Not a bit of it is being wasted.
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by Clare Ashford
    My girl (female eclectus) devoured her pellets on the first night, so thankful I've found another healthy substitute to TOPs as supply is so unreliable with them. And a huge thanks for her little foot toy that got destroyed too. One lucky bird tonight.