Product Reviews

Want to hear what other people think of the products available from Animal Enrichment Australia? See these recent reviews.

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  • Pinecone Christmas Wreath by Kaz Adams
    Patrick is loving his festive wreath, he has a chew goes away, comes back, chews some more. If it wasn’t Patrick’s it would be hanging on my door! It’s lovely. Another wonder Kirsty Kreation! Xx
  • Bolt on Natural Branch Perch - Various Sizes by Linda Eales
    I love the natural perches, each piece is unique. My Quaker loves spending time debarking them. Even my aviary birds are enjoying them.
  • Vibrant Bamboo Finger Traps (each) by Linda Eales
    My Quaker's favourite, I think he loves the bright colours.
  • Jellyfish by Linda Eales
    Great little toy, my Quaker loves to shake his and thread it through the cage bars.
  • Small Squidalicious by Linda Eales
    My Quaker spends ages playing with this toy, he loves chewing it and tries to weave it through the cage bars
  • Scooter Z's Stainless Steel Skewers (3 sizes) by Linda Eales
    These are perfect for threading fruit and vegies onto and for hanging foraging balls from.
  • Bamboo Finger Traps (each) by Linda Eales
    I thread these onto a leather strap and put an almond inside for my Quaker to find he loves wrecking them.
  • Balsa Munch Sticks by Linda Eales
    Great stuff to munch on, I put these into vine balls and he just loves chewing it.
  • Planet Pleasures Sunflower - Small by Linda Eales
    Fabulous toy, my Quaker loves this toy. I hide treats in the weave and he just loves destroying it.
  • Banksia Bonanza by Sarah Alderson
    I bought these fresh for my cockatoo and one for my Amazon. I have never seen them so excited by a toy, it has kept them busy for weeks…every day I find both playing with what’s left. Not a bit of it is being wasted.
  • Murphy's Mini Maintenance Pellet by Clare Ashford
    My girl (female eclectus) devoured her pellets on the first night, so thankful I've found another healthy substitute to TOPs as supply is so unreliable with them. And a huge thanks for her little foot toy that got destroyed too. One lucky bird tonight.
  • Birdy Vine Ball Lollipop by Clare
    My little budgie loves it. I requested a yellow one and Kirsty was kind enough to send me one. It's well made and super cute!
  • Unique Forked Bolt on Natural Branch Perch by Clare McCarthy
    My budgie loved it on sight! Excellent quality and very easy to attach to the cage.
  • Hide-a-Treat Forager (2 Sizes) by Michelle Forsyth
    Bought for my gcc. Simple enough for him to pick up how to use it but still hard enough that he has to work for his treats. He loves this and keeps going back to see if he missed anything 😂
  • Push and Pull by Michelle Forsyth
    Bought this as a recommendation for my green cheek Conure because he finds the easier forage toys too easy. So far it's been a hit but we are still at the teaching him how to use it phase 😁 I am sure he is going to love it.
  • Murphy's Small Maintenance Pellet by Meganbx10
    My birds love these pellets more trek any other pellet I’ve tried… conures, Quakers, eccys, caiques, alexandrine, macaw and cockatoos. Getting ready to order our next bag!
  • Nina Ottosson Dog Brick by ellieeelectrons
    This was the first Nina Ottosson toy that we purchased from Animal Enrichment Australia and it was such a hit! Grover was able to learn how to use it very quickly. The first time I introduced it to him, I took the white "bone" pieces out and he had no problems. The second time, I put the "bone" pieces in and he was able to figure it out. I was a little distressed when the plastic lids ripped out of their hinges by an over-exuberant Grover... but they click straight back in and the toy is as good as new. We take this toy with us when we go to a cafe with Grover. When our meals come, we put this out for him. It keeps him busy for about 10 minutes and give us some time to start our meals in peace. I love these toys and look forward to getting more in the range. Currently, I have this one and the slider puzzle. This one is definitely easier than the slider puzzle but Grover has been (which is at is supposed to be as this is a level 2 and the slider puzzle is a level 3) but he loves them both. When he was learning how to use it, the slider puzzle was noisier, because he would scrabble the pieces with his feet to try to get them to move. Now, he has more of an understanding how to use it, and noise-wise, they are probably on par (not too noisy). I have not regretted buying these toys... but I have regretted buying lots of other toys in the past because Grover has broken them... so this is a definite win, and I cannot recommend this range highly enough!
  • Nina Ottosson Challenge Slider by ellieeelectrons
    This is the second toy I have purchased in the Nina Ottosson range and my dog, Grover, loves both of them. I was a little horrified when after the first use, Grover managed to get some of the blue sliders out of the puzzle. I thought this toy was going to be a lot of money for very little enjoyment. However, I was able to slot the pieces back in after a little problem solving. Now that he understands the toy, he doesn't brute force it as much, and the pieces tend to stay put... but even if they don't, I now know how to put it back together. One of the things I love about this range, is that they seem to be made so that if they "break", you can put them back together again and they are as good as new. Lately, Grover has been reluctant to eat his regular food... but any time we place his regular food in this toy, he eats every last bit of it. I highly recommend this toy!
  • Boo's Balsa Bliss by Elise Maree
    My Cockatiels are obsessed with this toy!! They absolutely love to shred it.
  • Nuts About Casuarina by Elise Faust
    My two Cockatiels absolutely love chewing this toy, keeps them super busy! It's one of their favourite toys.