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  • 4.00 out of 5

    Parrot’s Treasure Chest

    This is a great, tricky foraging toy – hide treats, foot toys, pellets, fruit or vege chunks within this toy for your bird to get out.

    Your clever parrot will need to turn the 2 keys the correct amount and pull them out of the ‘lock’ to allow the lid of the toy to separate from the body of the toy. The key stays attached to the toy so it doesn’t get lost and the lid and body of the toy are connected by a chain so it can open without parts going everywhere. Check out the videos of this toy in use!


    The Parrot’s Treasure can be used by most breeds of parrots, however shouldn’t be given to Conures, Quakers, Caiques, Lorikeets and Indian Ringnecks until they are experienced foragers as it can be a tricky toy. This toy comes in clear and in translucent yellow and what you receive will vary depending on what stock I receive from my supplier.


    Parrots are very clever, but won’t automatically know how to use this toy. Be sure to introduce this toy to them at an easy level and gradually make it more difficult – show them how to use it, let them win!

  • 5.00 out of 5

    Snack Rack

    The Snack Rack is a great foraging puzzle for parrots that has 2 main difficulty levels. Hide treats, toys, pellets, fruit or vege chunks within the Snack Rack for your bird to get out. Your bird will need to turn the outer pieces which rotate around the main body of the toy. Great for small parrots (eg Conures, Quakers, Lorikeets) that are experienced with other foraging designs, as well as for all medium and large breeds of parrots.


    Each of the 2 outer pieces has an indent which allows the piece to pass over the middle shelf which has a protruding piece. Start the toy at an easier level by having the treat at the top so your bird just needs to turn the pieces until one falls down to reveal the treat. For Alexandrines and larger parrots, you can later increase the difficulty by putting the treat in the bottom level and your bird will need to turn and LIFT the top level to get it over the shelf above it, before retrieving their reward. This can be seen in the videos below.


    Please note, this toy used to come in a translucent green colour, as you will see in the videos. It now comes as completely clear.

    Parrots are very clever, but won’t automatically know how to use this toy. Be sure to introduce this toy to them at an easy level and gradually make it more difficult – show them how to use it, let them win!

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    Rings of Fortune

    This is a time consuming, fun toy for your parrot to work with, as well as being durable and sturdy!


    Fill the toy from the opening in the top then turn the top cover. Your clever parrot will need to spin each level to line up the openings so the reward falls to the treat opening at the bottom of the toy. The levels spin freely and your bird can watch their food move closer and closer until it reaches the opening.


    This toy is made from tough, polycarbonate and will hold up against even the tougher beaks. It comes in clear only though you may see the old, coloured version in some videos.
    Measures 16cm tall and 8cm in diameter. The whole toy, hanging on chain is 39cm long and attaches to the cage with a quick link.

    The Rings of Fortune toy arrives from the manufacturer with a pear clip attaching the chain to the body of the toy. I find this unsafe as many medium and large parrots can undo these pear clips and have the potential to get their beak caught on it in play. Because of this I change the attachment to a stainless steel medium ‘O’ ring, provided by me and safely attached (closed, safe for beaks!).

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    Barrel of Fun

    This is a fun little puzzle toy for your parrot to explore and find treats in.
    To use this foraging toy, your bird needs to turn the inner shaft of the toy using the forked handle at the front. The barrel can lock in either direction and only by turning the shaft to the central position, will it slide out to reveal the treat opening.


    This toy is made from tough, polycarbonate and will hold up against even the tougher beaks. The barrel itself is 4 x 7cm when closed and hangs from a chain with small quick link, totaling 28cm long.

  • 5.00 out of 5

    Stainless Steel Quick Link

    This is the absolute safest type of toy hanging link available here. The large quick link is 100% stainless steel, including the clasp which is hexagonal in shape so can be easily tightened with pliers for those parrots that like to un-do clips. Always use quick links, tightened with pliers, for large or destructive parrots.


    Many toys come with the smaller pear clips attached. You can replace them with stainless steel quick links. Also check your purchases as certain toys and ranges like Planet Pleasures and my own natural toys don’t come with links so you can choose your own.


    The Quick Links measure 4cm long, 1.7cm wide and the opening is 6mm. Stainless steel grade 316.

  • 5.00 out of 5

    Various Yucca Pieces (5)

    *Sadly this type of yucca is no longer available to me, an alternative item has been created, please see the suggestion below. The new item, while costing more, also contains a better selection of yucca pieces.*


    A selection of 5 various pieces of Yucca. Yucca is a type of plant and these pieces of dried plant stalk are bird safe, soft and chewable. Parrots, small and large love munching on the soft, fibrous natural material. It’s great to give as a foot toy or thread onto other toys. You can poke a hole with skewer, wire or scissors and hang it in your birds’ cage. By making small holes in the Yucca and pushing dry food treats into it, you can make this a foraging foot toy also.


    As a natural item, the pieces do vary and a fair selection will be chosen for you.


    The last photo is an example of how food can be stuck in the yucca. This is a different size/style of Yucca to the item.

  • 5.00 out of 5

    Pinecone Christmas Wreath

    A Christmas themed natural chew, full of crunchy Pinecones for your medium to large parrot.

    This toy is handmade in Brisbane with Pinecones that have been cleaned and dried safely before use. There is also pine slats, vine balls, vine rings, a yucca chunk and a vine star for your lucky bird to enjoy in the holiday spirit. Coloured items are dyed with food-safe colours and items are threaded onto 85cm of stainless steel wire. Each end is looped over and attached to the other end to make the wreath shape. The toy hangs from a stainless steel chain and ‘o’ ring and a hanging link of your choice can be purchased separately if required.

    *Please note, we are now out of stock of the vine stars!!! An alternative item will be used in its’ place. The main image shows the new design, without the star.*



    The toy measures roughly 40cm tall (including chain and link) and 35cm wide.

    These natural toys are handmade and the seed pods are seasonally available. Therefore, every toy does differ  and may have a variety of sizes of seed pod (instead of 6 large Pincones, it might have 8 smaller ones for example).