Acrylic Corner Shelf

Acrylic Corner Shelf


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Corner shelves are a great way to utilise space that may be otherwise difficult to make fun! Pop this platform high up in your birds cage as a nice roosting spot or at another level, with foot toys as a play area for your parrot. It can also be handy to place this near to a bolt-on foraging toy to provide access to that level of the cage.


Easy to remove and clean, suitable for all bird breeds though best for small to medium parrots. You can line the platform with a seagrass mat,  native bark strips or similar to give a more natural feel. Use kids PVA glue to safely attach. See the extra photos for examples of what I’ve done for my birds. I’ve known of people using astro turf also, though the safety of this is debated.


The acrylic corner shelf attaches to the cage/aviary bars with 2 bolts that go through the shelf and then the bars, with washers and wingnuts on the outside. The washers are 32mm in diameter (suitable for nearly all cages). If you have wider bar spacing, you can switch out to your own, larger washers.


The whole shelf measures 22cm from side to side, 25cm from back to front and maximum width across the front is 33cm. Please see the photos with purple ruler for clarification. The shelf comes covered with blue protective plastic from the manufacturer. This should be removed before use. The clear (plastic removed) shelf is shown in the pictures with my own birds using theirs.

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