Aikiou Canine Interactive Feeder

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Aikiou Canine Interactive Feeder

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More then a dog slow feeder, the Aïkiou or “IQ” as it is pronounced, is a puzzle feeder where you can hide your dogs food, it works well for both dry biscuits and wet foods! With this dog puzzle feeder, your dog will eat at a slower pace and express their natural needs. Invented in 2008 by a Canadian vet technician, the Aikiou puzzle feeder combines both an interactive dog feeder and slow dog feeder.  Its patented design is one of the best on the market.  It is so efficient than even Zoos are using it for behavioural enrichment purpose.


The feeder ‘paw-print’ measures 39cm X 34cm and is 7cm high, it has anti-slip rubber feet.



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A Whippet using his Aikiou Feeder

A family of Chihuahuas with theirs

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