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Bermuda Vine Ball Toy – Regular (PT715)

$36.20 (inc GST)

The Bermuda is an amazing ‘all-rounder’ toy! It is colourful, has lots of safe, crunchy vine and can be used as a foraging toy when you hide dry food treats like nuts, large pellets and paper-wrapped goodies inside the many vine balls for your bird to work for. Your parrot will delight in crunching up the vine to reach their treat and the chains of vine rings that hang around the toy are fun to shake and play with.

This is the regular size and the body of the toy measures 13 x 13cm and hangs a total of 38cm tall on the vegetable tanned leather and pear clip. The last photo shows the regular and small together, the small is also available in the online store.

This toy is actually one of the reasons I started stocking other toys apart from the naturals that I hand-make. I used to buy 12 at a time from America for my own birds and started supplying them to friends with birds when they saw how great they were. This prompted me to make a business account and start stocking them, so they are a part of the business’ history!

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Magbirds (verified owner)

    This is my tiels favourite x

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