30cm Thick Bolt on Natural Branch Perch

30cm bolt on perch (3)
30cm bolt on perches
30cm bolt on perch (2)
30cm bolt on perch (1)
Bolt on Perch example (2)
Bolt on Perch example (1)
32 and 55mm washers for perches
Large washer on thick perch

30cm Thick Bolt on Natural Branch Perch

$10.50 (inc GST)

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These bolt on perches are a great addition to your birds’ cage. They are easy to attach to the inside or outside of the cage and can also be used in aviaries. Each natural branch has been hand selected by me from safe, native trees and all have bark on them, so they’re great for your parrot to chew as well as being good for their feet and beak. There is a mix of Paperbark, Bottle Brush, Wattle, Eucalypt and other native branches. If you have a preference of which type you receive, please mention this in your order notes and I will do my best to accommodate. Please note, all types might not be available at all times.

The branch of these perches measure roughly 30cm long (allow for a difference of 1-2cm) and come with a wingnut and 2 washers. The perch diameter varies from 2.5cm – 5cm and suits medium to large parrots. Please specify in your order notes, which breed of bird they are for so I can select the branches to suit. This item has all stainless steel hardware for maximum safety for your bird. The washers are 32mm in diameter, so suit most cage bars. Larger washers are available for cages with bar spacing of 2cm or more, to attach the perches with ease. The bolt coming out of the perch is 5cm long and suitable for all cage and aviary bars.

For thinner perches and other lengths, please see HERE


2 reviews for 30cm Thick Bolt on Natural Branch Perch

  1. 5 out of 5

    Tuli Shu (verified owner)

    Kirsty was just simply marvellous to work with. The branches that she chose for my Tuli are perfect and I cannot wait to see my baby using them. I will definitely be shopping here all the time and getting all my branches here too!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Sam21 (verified owner)

    Best thing ever for my babies. Amazon parrot and a galah who love these. They are especially fond of the paper bark ones. The fact they are natural makes them great for my birds health, both to keep feet working, to chew and are easy to attach to the cage bars. Highly recommended by Bb and Malaki

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