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Buster Activity Mat Extra Activities

$29.90$39.50 (inc GST)

Fun and mental stimulation for your dog in everyday life can be a reality with the BUSTER ActivityMat. Not only do you get a range of challenges, but you can vary the difficulty of each challenge and play over and over again. This puzzle is designed to be used with supervision and is a good bonding, mental stimulation game for your pet.

The Buster Activity Mat comes as a starter kit and is sold in the online store. The starter kit comes with 3 basic activities (Envelope, Water Lilly and Cone Cloth).

You can add extra activities and mix ‘n’ match the range that are attached to the mat with each use! Choose from any of the add on activities listed here.

See the brochure by Kruse here. All images credit to Kruse.

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