Busy Buddy Twist n Treat Large

Busy Buddy Twist n Treat Large


One of my favourites! The Busy Buddy Twist ’n Treat will keep your dog busy as he tries to get the delicious treats inside. The two halves are adjustable to work with a wide variety of treat options. Twist the halves far apart to give your dog a quick reward, or twist the halves closer together for more of a challenge. Add biscuits, treats or even wet foods to this toy to entice your dog. You can even smear with cheese or peanut butter for a special treat.

To use, twist apart the two halves of the Twist ’n Treat. Load with treats or kibble, and then twist the toy back together again. If your dog is new to treat dispensing toys, leave the halves far apart to make it easy to reach the treats. Twist the halves closer together for more of a challenge. This toy comes in 3 sizes (the medium is pictured in the last photo with Rosie, the Cattle Dog X). The large is a fair bit bigger and suitable for dogs over 25kg.


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It looks like we need to make a video of the large toy in use! For now, here's:

Gracie the Labrador puppy with the medium Twist n Treat

....and my girl, Rosie using her medium toy too.

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