Small Busy Buddy Twist n Treat

Busy Buddy Twist n Treat 3 sizes
Busy Buddy Twist n Treat – 3 sizes (Custom)

Small Busy Buddy Twist n Treat

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One of my favourites! The Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat will keep your pet busy, while they work to get the delicious treats from their favourite new toy.
The versatile design means that the Twist ‘n Treat can be used with wet or raw food as well as dry kibble or treats, so it’s perfect for any diet! You can also smear cheese, peanut butter or treat paste (eg Kong Stuffn’ Paste) inside to give your pup a special treat.

The opening size is completely adjustable to work with a wide variety of treat or meal options. Twist the two halves further apart for large pieces of food or to allow your dog to lick the wet food from it, or closer together for kibble and dried treats. Easy to clean and fill, the toy can also be frozen with wet food inside for a cool summer treat.

Also suitable for our feline friends, though I’d recommend just using dry foods inside as cats don’t have long enough tongues to reach all areas of the toy.

The Twist ‘n Treat comes in 3 sizes, to suit every pooch.
I recommend the Small for dogs under 5kg (and for cats too), the Medium for dogs 5 to 20kg and the Large for dogs over 20kg.
The medium size is shown in the last image, with Rosie the Cattle Dog X Greyhound (23kg). She’s since been upgraded to the large size which is better suited.

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Archer the 9 month old Devon Rex, cat using this toy!

Gracie the Labrador puppy with the medium toy

My girl, Rosie using her medium Twist n Treat

Rosie the Cattle Dog X Greyhound gets some treat paste in her Large Twist n Treat.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Jayden (verified owner)

    A great toy that can be adjusted to suit the foraging skill level of the dog.

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