Ca-Tumbler Cat Foraging Toy

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Ca-Tumbler Cat Foraging Toy

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This is a really cool foraging toy for cats. It’s different to the typical treat ball, while also being fairly light and not too difficult for our feline friends.


The orange cat figure appears on each design, you can slide him around to block part of the opening in the side of the toy to adjust the difficulty. Take a look at the video tab to see Num Num learn to use the toy. The normal opening is on the lower part of each toy and it bobs back and forth on its’ weighted base. Each design has a small opening in the top of the toy too, the Sunflower design has the largest opening and food can also come out of this if your keen cat pushes it around far enough!

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Check out all of the range in this vid

The Ca-Tumbler on the easy setting with the ‘little cat’ away from the opening. Num Num is new to using this toy

Num Num has advanced to using the toy at a medium level with the ‘little cat’ blocking part of the opening

We then progress to the difficult level with the opening mostly blocked. He can still get food from around the opening and if he tips the toy further, food comes out of the ‘mouth’ of the sunflower!

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