Houndhouse Cozy Cushion Heat Pad

HoundHouse Cozy Cushion (4) (Medium)
Snuggle Safe vs HoundHouse Heat Pads (2) (Medium)
Snuggle Safe vs HoundHouse Heat Pads (1) (Medium)
HoundHouse Cozy Cushion (2) (Medium)
HoundHouse Cozy Cushion (3) (Medium)

Houndhouse Cozy Cushion Heat Pad

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Feeling the cold? As the temperature cools down, these Cozy Cushion Heat Pads, made by Hound House are a great, SAFE way to keep your pets warm. With no electric cords or chewable surfaces, this is the safest way to do it. The Hound House Cozy Cushion can be used for cats, dogs, parrots, rabbits and pocket pets.


Microwave for about 2-3 minutes (see instructions for different microwaves) and it stays warm for up to 8 hours so it’s great for overnight. The heat pad comes with a fleece cover which can be used with cats, dogs and most pocket pets, though it’s recommended to not have materials in reach of parrots and other pets that like to chew fabric. I choose to not have fabrics near my birds and it works just fine without the cover.

This is the cheaper alternative to the Snuggle Safe Heat Pad (also stocked on this site).

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