Jungle Vine Sisal Perch 50 x 2cm

Jungle Vine Sisal Perch 50 x 2cm


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The Jungle Vine Sisal Perch, by Polly’s Pet Products is made with sisal rope, that is much safer for your parrot than cotton rope items. This quality product can be attached horizontally, vertically or diagonally to suit your birds’ cage and play style. While this item does not have wire inside to be able to create crazy shapes, you can manipulate it and attach it to your birds’ cage bars in a position that suits.


The 2cm rope diameter is suitable for small parrot species. It attaches to the cage at each end with a bolt and wing nut set, with large (5cm) diameter washers in between. It will fit most cage and aviary bars. The rope section of this perch is 42cm long and it is attached into pvc pipe parts, with a total length of 50cm.



While sisal rope is significantly safer than cotton and synthetic fibres, it is still important to monitor your bird with any new toy to ensure they are using it correctly and not chewing it excessively. Sisal rope that is accidentally consumed in small amounts (through normal chewing and preening) will break down and digest, however if large amounts are consumed in a short time, it still has the potential to cause a blockage.

Due to the packaging rubbing during shipping from America, I will normally remove the product tags, which are zip tied onto the perch and can be hard to remove without risking cutting the perch if just using household scissors.


Additional photos show this perch compared to the larger size. Check out my store for the larger size.  The manufacturer doesn’t currently make this smaller rope diameter in a longer perch, I have requested this and will see what the bring us in the future.

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