Junior Accountant


The Junior Accountant parrot toy is a refillable wonder. For birds that like to shred, rip and unravel paper, we are confident that this paper till roll toy will strike just the right chord.


Strung on bird safe stainless steel chain, the pacifier beads swivel as do the small Feather Weight Rings, creating a delightful interlude to the paper shredding.  It comes with a stainless steel pear clip on each end and you can hang the toy across your birds cage or from one end at the top of your birds’ cage to unravel.


The Junior Accountant is made by Australian Company, My Parrot Shop and measures a total of 26cm wide and roughly 6cm deep. Refill till rolls are available in my store in toy part, it important to ensure you are getting bird-safe, plain paper when refilling this toy.

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Weight160 g
Dimensions200 x 50 x 50 mm


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