Large Bird Value Pack

Large Parrot Value Pack (1)

Large Bird Value Pack

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A great value Birdy Chew n Play Pack for large parrots, which includes a variety of different textures for your bird to chew and explore. All toys come with the required hanging links and are ready to use.

All hanging toys come with a stainless steel quick link attached, when purchased as part of this pack (I add them to the items that don’t have them included). Please check the products listed as part of this pack, as they are sometimes changed from the items in the photo due to availability.

Vine Ring Rattle

Much like a dumbbell, this light foot toy has 9 movable, coloured Vine Rings wrapped around the centre. It's great to shake, rattle and roll around! The multiple paddle pop sticks that make up the centre and crunchy vine rings are good for your parrot to chew.

The Vine Ring Rattle measures 14cm long and 4cm wide. It is better suited to medium and large breeds of parrots but even the small guys can safely enjoy this toy in their foraging tray or bowl.

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Large Pineapple by Planet Pleasures

This is a robust yet intricate shreddable toy that your companion parrot will love! Made with natural, woven plant material, it truly is designed for beaks that love to chew! Planet Pleasures supply an awesome range of natural bird toys for your parrots' chewing pleasure!
The Large Pineapple measures 23cm tall and 10cm in diameter. This toy normally doesn't come with a hanging link, but I have added a stainless steel quick link.

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Bird Kabob Mucho Grande Yucca Chew

The Mucho Grande toy is made with really big discs of soft Yucca hung on thin sisal rope. Your bird will love chewing the fibrous plant material and the best part is, it is all natural! You can poke a hole in the yucca to hide tasty treats inside or let the squishy softness entice your bird by itself. This is a great toy for medium and large parrots, but many of the little guys can have a lot of fun with this too!

The Mucho Grande measures roughly 45cm long, 9cm wide and 5cm thick. This toy normally doesn't come with a hanging link, but I have added a stainless steel quick link.

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Rattler Ring Foot Toy

The Rattler Ring toy from Super Bird is jingly and jangly! This is a sturdy foot toy suitable for the larger parrots that like to manipulate things with their feet and beak. It makes a gentle rattling sound when being turned over and your bird may enjoy shaking it for extra rattle! Check out the video in the tab below to see Precious with hers.

A favourite for Alexandrines, Cockatoos and Macaws, the whole Rattler Ring measures 7 x 7cm and the tube measures 2cm in diameter. They come in a range of colours including rainbow, and mixes of green, yellow, red and blue, as pictured. A random selection will be chosen for you.

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Medium Timber Pineapple

The Medium Timber Pineapple is a great new toy that is robust enough for the medium to large parrots to chew, with some softer timber discs that smaller parrots will enjoy. A totally cotton-free design, this toy has timber that is dyed with food safe colouring, strips of vegetable tanned leather and nickel plated hardware. Your bird will delight in chewing, preening and shaking this toy, with its dangly legs and twirly leather bits.

The Medium Timber Pineapple measures 8cm wide, 6cm deep, 28cm tall and has a total height of 42cm (including the nickel plated chain and pear clip it hangs from).

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Stainless Steel Quick Link × 3

These 3 quick links are included, for the toys that do not already come with a hanging link.

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