Medium Parrot Chew Pack

Medium Parrot Chew Pack

Medium Parrot Chew Pack

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A convenient pack of favourite chewing toys for our destructive medium sized parrots: Indian Ringnecks, Caiques, Alexandrines, Hahn’s Macaw and even Galahs/Corellas. This range of items have been handpicked by me to give a good variety of textures to chew.

All hanging toys come with a hanging link, so they’re ready to use. Some already come with a nickel plated pear clip or quick link attached and I have added a stainless steel quick link to the 2 toys that don’t already have a hanging link.

Small Groovy Bonzo

The Small Groovy Bonzo is a toy made for our small to medium parrots to chew. With thick paper twist rope poking about and textured, chunky pine pieces, it entices even shy chewers in for a nibble. The different textures of the grooved timber and bits to twirl around on the paper rope is all made from bird safe materials. Great value for money, this timber chewing toy is a step up from the smaller timber fruit toys and more quickly destroyed vine items.

The Small Groovy Bonzo measures roughly 25cm wide, 4cm deep and a total of 40cm long, including the nickel plated quick link it hangs from (the body of the toy is about 15cm tall). The Medium Groovy Bonzo is also available in the online store and is great for larger parrots or the particularly destructive!

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Frond Lanyard

This shredding toy is made from natural, woven leaf material and offers lots of textures and chunks to chew on. There's coloured, soft, wooden discs threaded at different points through the toy and some crinkly paper cord to preen and chew too!
The Frond Lanyard is delightful as a chewing toy but you can also use the many nooks and crannies in the woven rope to hide food. Turn this into a fun foraging toy by adding your birds' favourite treats for them to find. You can see examples in the last photo and in the video tab!

The body of the toy measures 27 x 13cm and hangs 10cm taller on the nickel plated chain and pear clip.

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Planet Pleasures Medium Octopus Pinata

This is a fun, colourful bird toy that your companion parrot will love! Made with natural, woven plant material and bird safe food dye, it truly is designed for beaks that love to chew and crinkle! Made by Planet Pleasures who supply an awesome range of natural bird toys for your parrots' chewing pleasure!

Measures a total of 38cm long with the main body of the toy being 24cm long and 8cm in diameter. With lots of woven, colourful legs hanging wider at the bottom. This toy doesn’t come with a hanging link which you can choose separately. Take a look at the medium and large Octopus Pinatas hanging together, I also stock the large in my store.

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Braided Vine Ball Wreath

The Braided Vine Wreath toy, by Caitec, is a fun, colourful chewing toy. This toy has 10 bright 4cm vine balls (coloured with food safe dye) and woven plant material between. At the top of the wreath there is a bell and there's a timber block above this. Watch your bird delight in chewing, preening and shredding at this toy or hide some dry food treats inside the vine balls for a foraging surprise. They might even perch inside the wreath while it swings.

The toy hangs from nickel plated chain and pear clip. It measures a total of 30cm long. The diameter of the wreath is 19cm and it is 4cm deep.

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Fidget Spinners

The Fidget Spinners toy is made for the mechanically-minded parrot. Your bird can turn the spinners and other gadgets within this toy to their hearts' content, as well as chew the whole birdy bagel that surrounds it. Birdy Bagels are made from thick, layered cardboard and are great to chew, while the range of plastic parts gives plenty of fiddly bits to play with and explore with beak and tongue.
Hanging from the bottom of toy is a nickel plated bell and the toy comes with a nickel plated pear clip. The whole toy measures roughly 24cm tall, 16cm wide and 18cm deep.

The Fidget Spinners is the middle of 3 toys in this range, which are similar to the Binky Mobile, a discontinued old favourite. The Spring Fling is smaller, while the Kit n Kaboodle is larger.


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Gumnuts Galore

This natural product is handmade fresh by me (Kirsty). Though available to order any time, natural bird toys are never pre-made or ready to send. After your order is paid for, I will make the natural toy(s) with freshly gathered seed pods. Normally this only takes a few days to a week, but can sometimes be longer during busy periods. Feel free to contact me to check availability or wait times.

A 30cm long, natural chew, full of lots of different natural seed pods and textures for your small to medium parrot to chew and explore. The Gumnuts Galore suits most breeds of birds or mixed cages as it is a good, in between size.

One of the original and most popular "Kirsty's Natural Bird Toys", this toy is handmade with Australian Gumnuts, Casuarina, Banksia and Liquid Amber pods plus native branch pieces and a pinecone, threaded onto stainless steel wire. Often a piece of yucca or a vine ball may feature near the top of the toy also. You can add an element of foraging to your birds' environment by hiding millet, pellets or other treats in the small openings in the dry seed pods.

These natural toys are handmade and the seed pods are seasonally available. Therefore, every toy does differ and contains a mix of dry/open and green/closed seed pods. Please contact me before purchase if you have specific wishes or want to check availability of certain seed pods.

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