Mini Bird Lockdown Pack

Mini Bird Lockdown Pack

Mini Bird Lockdown Pack

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The new Birdy Chew Pack for mini birds is a lovely variety bundle to get your teenie parrot through lockdown. All toys come with the required hanging links and are ready to use.

This bundle weighs only 300 grams, so can be sent for the 1kg express rate at checkout (or any regular postage option too). Of course, if you add other items to your cart, the parcel may become over 1kg and cost more to send. This will be quoted per order, as required.

Vine Tweeter Totter

The popular Vine Tweeter Totter toy is a cute fun toy for the little ones. Your small parrot will enjoy exploring, chewing and preening at the shredded crinkly paper that explodes out of the 4cm vine ball, playing with the small vine rings that hang from the horizontal paddlepop bar, jingling the bell and turning the timber beads. This toy measures 19cm tall (total, including pear clip and bell) and 13cm wide.

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Boo's Balsa Bliss

Designed for my own bird, "Boo" the Green Cheek Conure, this cute toy is absolute bliss for small parrots. With plenty of soft balsa wood to chew and colourful beads to explore your Budgie, Lovebird, Cockatiel, Conure or Lorikeet will have a ball with Boo's Balsa Bliss. Each toy measures 15cm tall and 10cm wide, including the mini pacifier hanging from below.

Small Timber Apple

The Small Apple is a toy made from soft pine that is coloured with food safe vegetable dyes. The toy measures 7cm x 22cm, including the nickel plated chain and pear clip.

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Planet Pleasures Mini Pinata

This is a cute, little shreddable toy made with natural, woven plant material - it truly is designed for mini-beaks that love to chew! Measures roughly 2.5cm in diameter and 13cm long, including the natural rope loop it hangs from.

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Paper Party Toy - Mini

With lots of colourful paper sticks to unravel and chew, what's not to love! Each brightly coloured stick is made from tightly rolled paper and is coloured with safe food dye. The Mini Paper Party toy masures roughly 11 x 4cm and fans out to about 4cm at the end. It attaches to cage and aviary bars with a small stainless steel bolt/washer/wingnut set.

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Cutie Little Chew

This toy is handmade by me, with a variety of soft, chewable parts that are coloured with food safe dye and threaded onto stainless steel wire. It measures 12cm long.

Nickel Plated Pear Clip × 3

A standard sized, small pear clip that is nickel plated and safe for most small parrots. There are 3 toys in this pack that do not come with hanging links, so I have chosen to include matching links for simplicity.

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Weight300 g
Dimensions13 × 13 × 20 mm

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Cockatiel Crazy

    What a great pack and awesome idea for our lil’ birds! My Cockatiels and Budgies love everything they received this week and my order came so quickly with the express shipping. Especially being in Sydney, I’m very impressed to get this next day and at such a good price. Thank you!

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