Nina Ottosson Mix Max Easy (A)

Nina Ottosson Mix Max Easy (A)


The ‘Mix Max’ is a puzzle toy for cats and dogs, but it can be used by clever Rabbits too!

Put together several games to one BIG activity board game. Hide treats and let your pet figure out how to find them. Create your own puzzle game by combining several different games, you decide how difficult it will be, from easy to very advanced – there are endless possibilities! A completely new and unique concept of activity games for your pet. Use one game by itself, or put together several games to create the ultimate game at the level that your pet needs.


L 18 x B 18 x H 4 cm Tricky and fun fine motor skills games, for pets who can handle small parts. This is the ‘easy’, 1st level of this range of games.

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Hitch demonstrating this toy in use (same colour and difficulty as the one for sale here)

A Border Collie using some of the Mix Max puzzles


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