Packet of Native Seeds

Native Dried Seeds Dishes (3)

Packet of Native Seeds

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A zip lock bag, containing seeds from dried seed pods. This is generally a mix of native Gumnut, Casuarina and Banksia seeds, plus sometimes Liquid Amber and Pinecone seeds (which are not natives, but safe and enjoyed by many parrots).
The pictures show a 4 tablespoon quantity and an example of the mix, which can vary.

While every care is taken to ensure the purity of these packs, it’s not unusual for a little natural material to sneak in – a small piece of leaf, banksia fuzz, tiny Casuarina pod etc are normal and safe. These packs are available in limited numbers and take many dried seed pods to produce the seeds required. Casuarina seeds are the favourite of most of my flock and many others. They also take the most seed pods to produce 4 tablespoons of dry seeds (around 170 seed pods per pack!!), which is why they cost more.

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