Parrot Christmas Decoration Ornament

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Xmas Ornament – Eclectus (1)
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Xmas Ornament – Quaker (1)
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BG Macaw

Parrot Christmas Decoration Ornament

$33.20 (inc GST)

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Nov 2020 – please contact me to check availability before ordering a backordered design, as the supplier doesn’t have all breeds in stock now. The Blue Budgie is the only design in stock with me now.

Looking for a great Christmas gift for your parrot loving friend or family member? These festive decorations might be the perfect thing to match their favourite pet this Christmas. There’s a range of bird breeds and colours to choose from. They range from 14cm to 19cm long, with the longer tail species, like Macaws, being the largest. These are hand painted by a lady in America and decorated with glitter. The front side is detailed, while the back is decorated with green glitter.

Please note that these are NOT bird toys and are decorative only.

It is recommended to select parcel delivery for your order, to have tracking, insurance and faster shipping. These items can be sent as a ‘large letter’ with Australia Post, for cheap postage, however there is no tracking or insurance and postage may be quite slow. In the event of a pre-ordered item not being available from the creator in time for Christmas, I will notify you as early as possible and provide a refund.

A few other designs are available that aren’t listed. They are Parrotlets in blue and green, Green Wing Macaw, Lineolated Parakeet in blue and green, Moluccan Cockatoo and Umbrella Cockatoo.

Detailed photos are shown for some breeds, that I have ordered previously. The photos for other breeds aren’t as detailed, as they are provided by my supplier and are a guide only.


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Kaz Adams (verified owner)

    I bought an alexandrine ornament last year, it looks just lovely on my little tree.

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