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Pellet Sample

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A sample bag of pellets, containing roughly 2 tablespoons of the selected diet. Please be aware that these are ‘taste-testers’, best suited to birds that already eat other pellets and are willing to try new things. There is not enough product to convert your bird to this pellet, from a seed diet. To convert your bird, you will need to purchase a full size bag and use a gradual transition method.

These small packs of pellets are also handy to use as hand fed treats to birds on different diets. For example, my own flock eat Murphy’s crumble as their main diet, but get the different ZuPreem pellets as training treats and larger Murphy’s sizes in some foraging toys.

Sample packets can be sent with an order of other products or posted by themselves for the cheap letter postage cost, with no tracking. You can purchase normal bags of these pellets, in a variety of sizes HERE. Some ZuPreem sample bags have a short or recently passed ‘best before’ date due to being from a previous batch – see the individual description for each when you select them from the drop down menu. These are from existing bags of mine and are discounted.

Because of some over-use of this sample product, all varieties are now limited to one each per order. You can order all of the flavour options, but only one of each bag.

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1 review for Pellet Sample

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jaime Orr (verified owner)

    Only place I know that gives samples of food to try first for free! Amazing I was able to try before committing to a bigger bag

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