PP Ball and Stars small (3)
PP Balls and Stars (both sizes)

Balls and Stars (2 Sizes) by Planet Pleasures

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A fun new design for February 2023! This string of ball and star shapes made from naturally coloured palm leaf will be a delight for your bird to shake, play with and chew. The stars are perfect for poking dry seed treats into, to add a foraging element. Planet Pleasures provides an awesome range of natural, palm leaf shredding toys, which are popular with many birds. Each toy comes with a natural abaca rope loop at the top, which you can attach a hanging link to – choose to add a suitable link if you don’t have spares of your own.

Measurements for the 2 sizes are provided below. “Body” refers to the string of ball and star shapes. While the total length of the toy includes the tassels at the bottom and loop at the top. Because these toys are handmade they can vary slightly in their sizes, so please treat measurements as a rough guide.

  • Mini Body: 9cm tall and 3cm wide. Total: 21cm tall.
  • Small Body: 30cm tall and 6cm wide. Total: 45cm tall.
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