Planet Pleasures Woven Diamond Foot Toy (3 pack)

PP Woven Diamond Foot Toy (1)
PP Woven Diamond Foot Toy (2)

Planet Pleasures Woven Diamond Foot Toy (3 pack)

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A pack of 3 fun, little diamond-shaped foot toys! These woven foot toys are another great design by Planet Pleasures, who make amazing natural toys. Constructed from woven palm leaf, that has been coloured with food safe dyes, this toy is sure to delight your parrot. There’s shreddable material inside for your parrot to chew and pull at too, so once they’re done throwing it around, they can enjoy chewing it to pieces.

Each ‘diamond’ piece varies slightly in colour and design, but all are roughly 4cm across. They are quite light for their size, so able to be picked up and held even by smaller parrots (like Conures, Quakers, Caiques and Lorikeets), but bulky enough for larger parrots (Galahs, Amazons, Eclectus etc) to enjoy.

The 3 foot toys come joined by a thin cord for the purpose of hanging them for display – this is NOT intended to be used to give your bird the toy. While the type of string is safe, please cut it and remove the toys as the loop style can result in your bird getting caught in it.

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