Sml Foraging Cylinder PP
PP ‘Small’ Foraging Cylinder (2)
PP med colourful pinata vs ‘small’ foraging cylinder with text
PP ‘Small’ Foraging Cylinder close ups (1)
PP ‘Small’ Foraging Cylinder close ups (2)

Foraging Cylinder by Planet Pleasures

$22.90 (inc GST)

The Foraging Cylinder is a NEW Planet Pleasures design for October 2022. A bit different to their normal piñata designs, this toy has a woven outer that leaves plenty of gaps for you to stuff treats inside. Your parrot will delight in finding dry snacks within the natural, shreddable material, as well as chewing their new toy into beautiful, rainbow pieces.

While Planet Pleasures have tagged this as a ‘small’ size, it is more equivalent to the medium sized piñatas by Planet Pleasures, as shown in the second picture.

The main body of the toy measures roughly 17cm tall and 7cm wide. It is a total of 31cm tall, including the tassel at the bottom and loop at the top (which you can attach your hanging link to).


1 review for Foraging Cylinder by Planet Pleasures

  1. 5 out of 5

    KittyBeauPu (verified owner)

    This has been a great addition and will be added to our ‘Boredom Buster’ toy repertoire. Kristy recommended it to us and we’re so glad she did. My boys are very fussy with what they choose to play or interact with (gah lorikeets) but I’ve found by placing pine nuts in some of the holes they enjoy and spend time trying to get them out by licking, knocking, crunching and pushing the cylinder while it hangs. Great stuff!

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