Quaker n Conure Play Pack

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Quaker n Conure Play Pack

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A convenient pack of favourite chewing and playing toys for confident small parrots, like Quakers, Conures and Lorikeets. This range of items has been handpicked by me to give a good variety of textures to chew, along with some bells, beads and other plastic parts to shake and explore.

All hanging toys come with a nickel plated pear clip attached, when purchased as part of this pack (I add them to the items that don’t have them included). This bundle can be subject to change, so please check the products listed. Sometimes they may vary slightly from the bundle pictured, due to availability.

Triple Dip

This great new toy is sure to be a hit with the small and medium parrots! Made with lots of safe, crunchy vine items and stuffed with crinkly paper, your bird will love shredding this ice-cream-like toy. The Triple Dip hangs from a nickel plated pear clip and is free from cotton. It has a small pacifier hanging from the bottom, rather than a bell. With a natural vine cone, vine balls coloured with food safe dye, plus paper and plastic parts, this toy has a nice variety of items for your bird to explore.

The Triple Dip toy measures 27cm high in total and 10cm in diameter. The main body of the toy is 17cm tall.

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Spring Fling

The Spring Fling is a new bird toy with lots for the little guys to play enjoy! With a cardboard birdy bagel base and lots of twirling, twizzly plastic parts, your small parrot is sure to enjoy chewing, exploring, preening and shaking this toy. It's jingly and jangly, but has no bell, which is a big plus for many!

The Spring Fling measures roughly 22cm tall, 12cm wide and 7cm deep. It hangs from a nickel plated pear clip.

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Sparkle Tree on Leather

One for the lovers of leather and beads! This hanging bird toy has lots of soft, vegetable tanned leather for your bird to chew on and explore with their beak. Attached along the way, there are many plastic beads of different shapes and sizes. Popular with Conures, Quakers, Lorikeets, Indian Ringnecks, Alexandrines, Hahn's Macaws and similar birds, my Galah also adores her Sparkle Tree toy.
The 'Sparkle Tree' measures a total of 30cm long (including hanging link) and the body of the toy is roughly 25cm tall and 11cm wide. The bigger cousin of the 'Jellyfish' toy, which has been popular for a long time, this toy made by Scooter Z's has a small stainless steel quick link to hang the toy from.

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Small Sunflower by Planet Pleasures

A cute, little shredding toy that is shaped like a Sunflower. Planet Pleasures did a fantastic job with this toy, creating the perfect small parrot chewing toy. There's natural, safe tassels to preen, woven palm leaf to nibble and a great hidey hole for treats in the centre of the flower. This small toy is unintimidating and sure to be popular with Cockatiels, Budgies and other small birds.

The Sunflower toy measures roughly 17cm tall and 7cm in diameter. It doesn't normally come with a hanging link, but I will attach a normal nickel plated one for you as part of this pack.

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Small Timber Apple

The Small Apple is a toy made from soft pine that is coloured with food safe vegetable dyes. There are more coloured timber pieces hanging from soft plastic strands that hang from both sides of the toy. Just like real apples, they come in green and red.

The toy measures 7cm x 22cm, including the nickel plated chain and pear clip.

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Yucca Stack Original Chew

The Yucca Stack is made with 7 chunky pieces of thick, soft Yucca. This fun, soft chewing toy is sure to have your small parrot happy, munching away at the delightful, natural plant stalk. Each piece of yucca is natural/uncoloured and is threaded on sisal rope.

The Yucca Stack measures a total of 32cm long. The body of the toy is 18cm tall and 6cm wide. This toy doesn't normally come with a hanging link, but I will attach a normal nickel plated one for you as part of this pack.

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Nickel Plated Pear Clip × 2

These nickel plated pear clips are included on the toys that do not come with a hanging link.

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