Quaker n Conure Play Pack

Quaker Conure Chew Pack 1

Quaker n Conure Play Pack

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A convenient pack of favourite chewing and playing toys for confident small parrots, like Quakers, Conures and Lorikeets. This range of items have been handpicked by me to give a good variety of textures to chew, along with some bells, beads and other plastic parts to shake and explore.

All hanging toys come with a nickel plated pear clip attached, when purchased as part of this pack (I add them to the items that don’t have them included).


The Jellyfish is full of soft, squidgy vegetable tanned leather which is delightful to chew and safe for your bird. Adorned with colourful beads and squares of leather hanging between knots in the leather rope, this will be a fun toy for your small parrot to nibble and manipulate. Birds just love shaking the strands of this toy, chewing the leather and preening the beads.

The Jellyfish is made in Australia and measures 18cm long and 4cm wide. It comes in a range of colours. This toy doesn't normally come with a hanging link, but I will attach a normal nickel plated one for you as part of this pack.

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Yucca Stack Original Chew

The Yucca Stack is made with 7 chunky pieces of thick, soft Yucca. This fun, soft chewing toy is sure to have your small parrot happy, munching away at the delightful, natural plant stalk. Each piece of yucca is natural/uncoloured and is threaded on sisal rope.

The Yucca Stack measures a total of 32cm long. The body of the toy is 18cm tall and 6cm wide. This toy doesn't normally come with a hanging link, but I will attach a normal nickel plated one for you as part of this pack.

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Spring Fling

The Spring Fling is a new bird toy with lots for the little guys to play enjoy! With a cardboard birdy bagel base and lots of twirling, twizzly plastic parts, your small parrot is sure to enjoy chewing, exploring, preening and shaking this toy. It's jingly and jangly, but has no bell, which is a big plus for many!

The Spring Fling measures roughly 22cm tall, 12cm wide and 7cm deep. It hangs from a nickel plated pear clip.

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Mini Knots and Blocks

It's rare to find such a nice little chewing toy for small parrots that is SAFE. The Mini Knots & Blocks contains lots of sisal and soft pine coloured with food safe dye. Add in knots of vegetable tanned leather, this is a great preening toy that your small parrot will love.

The Mini Knots & Blocks is 6.5cm wide and hangs 23cm tall from the nickel plated chain and pear clip.

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Planet Pleasures Small Grapes Cluster (Cluster Square Balls)

This is a cute, little shreddable toy that your companion parrot will love! Made with natural, woven plant material, it truly is designed for beaks that love to chew! Planet Pleasures supply an awesome range of natural bird toys for your parrots' chewing pleasure!

You can even turn this into a foraging toy by hiding small treats like hulled oat seeds in the layers of palm leaf, just sticking out. My Cockatiels love it when I do this!

Measures roughly 10cm long and 4.5cm in diameter, including the natural rope loop it hangs from. This toy doesn't normally come with a hanging link, but I will attach a normal nickel plated one for you as part of this pack.

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Foraging Roll

The new Foraging Roll toy is a great chewing toy for Cockatiels and other small parrots. Your Lorikeet, Caique or Conure will get extra enjoyment from the beads and bell, jingling from the bottom of the toy. Your bird can pull out the colourful, rolled paper sticks, chew the natural seagrass material that makes up the body of the toy and preen at the shredded crinkly paper that is poking out from the inside.

The total height of the toy is 22cm, while the main body is 13cm high and 11cm in diameter. It comes with a nickel plated pear clip, to hang the toy to your birds' cage bars.

Only 5 left in stock

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