Roudybush Lory Nectar 15 Powder

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Roudybush Lory Nectar 15 Powder

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Roudybush Lory is the ideal base diet to feed your Lorikeet or Lory. It can be fed as a dry powder or mixed with water to make a wet food. Roudybush Lory Nectar 15 is lower in sugar than many other Lorikeet diets. Less sugar is helpful to reduce incidence of yeast infections that Lorikeets are prone to due to the high sugar diets they are commonly fed.

Feeding vessels (bowls or foraging toys) should be cleaned regularly. Wet food should be removed and vessel cleaned after 2 hours in warm conditions or up to 4 hours in cooler conditions.
It is still important to feed fresh food to your birds (vegetables and some fruit) as well as fresh water being available at all times. If your bird is not receptive to vegetables, you could try juicing them and using the juice instead of water to make a wet food.

These bags have a ‘best before’ date in October 2021.

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