Scribbles’ Favourites – A Green Cheek Conure Bundle

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Scribbles’ Favourites – A Green Cheek Conure Bundle

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A convenient pack of favourite playing and chewing toys, specifically for Green Cheek Conures. These toys were all of Scribbles’ favourites – she loved to play! This bundle has been created in honor of Scribble, who we sadly had to say goodbye to in January 2022, due to an aggressive pancreatic tumour.

Bells and jingly things were her favourite, but she also had a few soft/crinkly toys that she liked to chew and also cuddle/sleep in. The base pack includes all chewing/playing toys and foot toy bells. You can choose to add her 2 favourite foraging toys at a 10% discount. Please see the last 2 images for details on base pack vs optional items, if unsure.

All hanging toys come with a stainless steel pear clip, so they’re ready to hang and play with!

Birdy Bagel Firecracker

The Birdy Bagel Firecracker is a toy handmade by me, to meet your birds' chewing and preening desires! It is fantastic for Budgies through to Indian Ringnecks. With the hanging base surrounded by colourful finger traps each held on with a birdy bagel bite and with shredded crinkly paper stuffed in the end of each finger trap, it's got plenty to chew! Your parrots will delight in chewing and preening this toy and the best part is, you can replenish it with the toy parts in my store once it's been demolished!

All metal used in this toy is stainless steel, making it super safe and high quality. The colour of the shredded crinkly paper may vary and a range of pictures are shown as examples.

With a large Birdy Bagel as the base and 11 finger traps surrounding it, the toy measures 20cm in diameter at the body of the toy (to the ends of the finger traps), the shredded crinkly paper spreads out to 30cm total diameter. The Birdy Bagel Firecracker does not come with a hanging link, though you can choose one from the options if you don't have spares already.

This product is handmade by me (Kirsty). While I often have some pre-made and ready to send, some orders may wait while I make a new one. Normally the wait is only a day or 2, while I make more. Feel free to contact me to check availability.

Feeling festive? The Christmas version of this toy can be found HERE.

Silly Saucer Rattle Toy Small

Does your bird love bells, rattles and shaking things? Well, this jingly, jangly 'Silly Saucer' will  have your small parrot flapping with glee!

The Silly Saucer makes a light rattling sound as the beads move around inside the sealed toy. Less annoying than a jingly bell, it will still satisfy birds that love noisy toys and rattles. They can grab a hold of the natural rope that hangs from below the toy, to aid in shaking the toy. It's small and light enough for them to play with, while it hangs from a short chain.

My own Green Cheek Conure, Scribble, adores her Silly Saucer toy, though she'll never let me film her with it (she gets very angry at phones/cameras)!

The Silly Saucer has a diameter of 8cm, it hangs roughly 11cm long from the top of the o ring, to the bottom of the body of the toy, but a total of 22cm long when you include the rope hanging below. It does not come with a hanging link (you can choose your own to attach). The Silly Saucer comes in clear and translucent orange, the colour will be selected at random and sometimes only one colour option is available.

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Spinning Rattle Bolt On Toy

A fun rattle toy that bolts onto the side of your lucky birds' cage. This is ideal for small parrots that enjoy bells and rattles. The Spinning Rattle comes in either a blue wheel or green leaf shape. Scribble, my Green Cheek Conure has sampled the wheel and approves! Check out the video below.

The Spinning Rattle bolts onto your birds' cage bars. It is made by Caitec and measures 8.5cm roughly across and 3cm deep. It fits most cage and aviary bars, with its' easy bolt on system as pictured. It comes in one colour as pictured. Please closely monitor your birds with the toy to ensure safe interaction. The Spinning Rattle may not be suitable for larger birds with more destructive beaks.

Small Firecracker by Planet Pleasures

This is a colourful, versatile shreddable toy that your companion parrot will love! Made with natural, woven plant material, it truly is designed for beaks that love to chew and nibble. Made by Planet Pleasures who supply an awesome range of natural bird toys for your parrots' chewing pleasure!

Did you know that you can use these for foraging which helps to keep your bird entertained? Hide treats in the weaves and openings of the toy for your bird to pick out. This Firecracker toy has lots of different woven 'stars' with nooks and crannies to hide food in and for beaks to explore.

Measures roughly 7-12cm wide and 23cm tall, including the natural rope loop it hangs from, it doesn’t come with a hanging link which you can choose separately. This is for the small size, I also stock the medium in my store. They are shown side by side in the second photo.

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Super Bird Bell Ball × 2

This super fun bell ball foot toy/toy part is made by Super Bird. It is a particularly safe design, made with parrots in mind. Your bird will love the shrill jingle of this bell ball!

Please be aware that the more destructive birds may break the plastic with their beaks. The good news is that the interior bell is not the unsafe kind (cheap metal with tapering off openings to catch beaks and toes), it is made from plastic and has a consistent opening size/shape which is much safer if your parrot were to play with this part.

The ball measures 5cm in diameter and can be used by most breeds of bird, but is best for small to medium parrots.

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Disco Bears

For small parrots who love to shake and preen beads. The Disco Bears toy offers a range of interesting shapes and colours in different beads, all hung from stainless steel hardware.

This toy measures 14cm long and hangs from a stainless steel link.

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Stainless Steel Pear Clip × 3

These 3 pear clips are included, for the toys that do not already come with a hanging link.

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Bottom's Up

This is a very popular foraging toy that is great for the smaller breeds of birds. It is easy to teach your bird to use and can also be made more difficult. Fill it with your bird's favourite treats, and their normal diet, mixed with bird safe foraging substrate. You can use Mini Feather Weight Foot toys, vine balls and other items in this toy as well as treats.

Your bird will need to lift the light, plastic lid of the Bottoms Up toy and reach their head into the cup to access their reward. The cups and lids move around freely on a long length of nickel plated chain. While your bird is learning to use the toy, you can sticky tape the lids open or partially open to make it easier for them.

The whole toy measures 43cm long (including pear clip and bell) and 6.5cm wide. All hardware is nickel plated, though I can upgrade it to stainless steel hardware with the parts that I sell.
To read in detail about how to introduce this toy to your pet who is new to foraging, check out this 'how to' document: Introducing the Bottom's Up.

Hanging Sphere

This toy is perfectly designed for feeding your small parrot their fruits and vegetables. You could also fill with shredded paper, large pellets/nuts and parcels.

Your bird just needs to reach their beak into the slots/openings in this toy to pull out their prize! Wrapping your birds' chunks of fruit and vegetables will prolong the enjoyment of this toy as your bird chews through the paper to get to their reward. Believe it or not, this toy can actually help to reduce mess and wastage. Every beak-full of food your bird gets out, he has to purposely chew/work for so more often than not, he's not going to throw it all over your walls!

The Hanging Sphere is 8cm in diameter, 21cm long in total and is made from tough polycarbonate. It is best suited to birds with smaller beaks, for Indian Ringnecks and larger, the Buffet Ball is better suited.

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