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Shredder Brain Ball (2 Sizes) by Planet Pleasures

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A great NEW Planet Pleasures design in October 2022! This is a really fun and different toy to their pinatas. Made with spirals of palm leaf shredder all looping over on each other into a big ‘brain’, there are also woven orbs and stars in palm leaf hanging below the toy. Planet Pleasures provides an awesome range of natural, palm leaf shredding toys, which are popular with many birds. Each toy comes with a natural abaca rope loop at the top, which you can attach a hanging link to – choose to add a suitable link if you don’t have spares of your own.

Measurements for the 2 sizes are provided below. “Body” refers to the cluster of spiraled shredding strip AND the orbs/stars below, but not the tassels. While the total length of the toy includes the tassels at the bottom and loop at the top. Because these toys are handmade they can vary slightly in their sizes, so please treat measurements as a rough guide.

  • Small Body: 15cm tall and 5cm wide. Total: 27cm tall.
  • Large Body: 23cm tall and 10cm wide. Total: 40cm tall.
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1 review for Shredder Brain Ball (2 Sizes) by Planet Pleasures

  1. 5 out of 5

    KittyBeauPu (verified owner)

    This toy is another great ‘boredom buster’ item I have to give my birds when I need to be away from home for a little while and the birds need entertainment. I hide pine nuts within the folds or holes so they have to lick, hit, hang onto with claws or stick their beaks in to find and get them out. My birds started at first sight on this one without any encouragement. Both could forage on different sides as I hung it between two sun decks in their cage where they could each stand and have space. Great recommendation from animal enrichment. I got the small but will definitely go for the large or medium size when it’s time to update. Thank you!

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