Sisal Perch 60 x 2cm (PT390)

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This perch, made by Paradise Toys, is made with bird-safe sisal rope and stainless steel hardware. The strong wire that the rope is twisted around, means you can bend and manipulate this perch to shape it around your parrots’ cage. Have it zig zagging across the cage, looping over other perches or attached in a ‘U’ shape for your birds’ sleep perch.


The 2cm rope diameter is suitable for small parrots from Budgies to Indian Ringnecks. It attaches to the cage at each end with a stainless steel bolt and wing nut set, with large diameter washers in between. Fits most cage and aviary bars. The rope section of this perch is 60cm long, making the total length closer to 66cm including the pvc parts and bolt.

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Weight320 g
Dimensions300 x 40 x 40 mm


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