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Small Acrylic Maze

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This is a cute little foraging toy that is great for the smaller breeds of birds. Fill it with your bird’s favourite treats, and their normal diet then watch them spin and snack. Light enough for even the littlest beaks to turn, easy to clean (the front and back part of the maze separate when the middle bolt is removed and very durable.

Your bird will need to spin the maze by holding onto the opening and moving it around. The wheel spins freely and your bird can watch their food move from shelf to shelf until it reaches the opening. By adding bird safe foraging substrate, you can increase the difficulty of this maze once your bird is experienced at it. The maze fits together as 2 pieces and is held firmly by the bolt and washers attaching it, however it can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

The Acrylic Maze is made from tough, clear and coloured acrylic and will hold up against even the tougher beaks. I have been using the Acrylic Maze for over 10 years, with my own flock and still have many of the original mazes going strong. This is the small version of this toy, a large is also available for Indian Ringnecks and larger parrots. Both are pictured in the last image for comparison reasons.  The small measures 10cm in diameter and roughly 3cm thick/deep. It screws onto the side of the cage with the nut and bolt set, as well as 2 washers. Fits all cage/aviary bars with this clever design.

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Cockatiels, Raindrop and Daddy Bird

Green Cheek Conures, Scribble and Boo

Quakers, Marnie and Elle

Popcorn the Budgie


3 reviews for Small Acrylic Maze

  1. 5 out of 5

    Elle (verified owner)

    As is the case with most foraging toys, my boy Charlie has had difficulty figuring this one out. My girl Lucy caught on quite quickly though and I soon had to add a foraging substrate (Breeder’s Choice cat litter) to increase the difficulty. Sometimes smaller bits of cat litter and seeds can spill out, but as this is placed over their foraging tray, it isn’t an issue.

    The two halves of the maze come apart, so it’s easily refilled/cleaned, which is a big plus. It’s very well made and I can’t see my ‘tiels managing to break it, so I think it should last a long time!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Mooncake and Starbuck (verified owner)

    As the first ever foraging toy that our birds used, the Small Acrylic Maze has really impressed us. We can’t fault this toy, which has cemented its place in the cage as one of three rotated foraging staples (along with a few other intermittent wildcards). It is complex enough that thinking is required, but straight forward enough that any inquisitive bird could figure it out. Our girl Mooncake decided that this was more fun than eating directly from the bowl, and the other girl Starbuck soon followed suit… And just like that, boom – our birds started getting 100% of their pellets from foraging toys.

    The fact that this toy can be entirely (and easily) dismantled enables us to clean every inch, making it super hygienic and safe. The thing is built strong too, so after being in regular use for 6 months, it still looks like new. Due to its size and the fact it bolts to the side of the cage, the girls get all the enjoyment of foraging without losing much cage space – another positive.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Cockatiel Crazy

    An amazing foraging toy! My little ones love it (Lovebird, Cockatiels and Conures). The maze is so easy to fill when strategically placed near the door of the cage. I don’t even need to remove it – just funnel the food in with my fingers! It doesn’t take up too much cage space, isn’t intimidating for the nervous birds and takes plenty of time for them to work at each day (with different substrate added as well as snacks).
    It’s also a really long term investment. My first maze has been used every day for over 5 years now. I’ve bought a few more since, so that each of my birds have one and they’re all as good as new.
    Highly recommended!

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