Small Bird Lockdown Pack

Small Bird Lockdown Pack

Small Bird Lockdown Pack

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The new Birdy Chew Pack for small birds is a lovely variety bundle to get your small parrot through lockdown. All toys come with the required hanging links and are ready to use.

This bundle weighs only 300 grams, so can be sent for the 1kg express rate at checkout (or any regular postage option too). Of course, if you add other items to your cart, the parcel may become over 1kg and cost more to send. This will be quoted per order, as required.

Triple Dip

Made with lots of safe, crunchy vine items and stuffed with crinkly paper, your bird will love shredding this ice-cream-like toy. The Triple Dip hangs from a nickel plated pear clip and is free from cotton. It has a small pacifier hanging from the bottom, rather than a bell. With a natural vine cone, vine balls coloured with food safe dye, plus paper and plastic parts, this toy has a nice variety of items for your bird to explore.
The Triple Dip toy measures 27cm high in total and 10cm in diameter. The main body of the toy is 17cm tall.

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Planet Pleasures Small Fire Wheel (Bird Tire w/Star)

A great shreddable toy that your companion parrot will love! Made with natural, woven plant material, it truly is designed for beaks that love to chew and nibble. Made by Planet Pleasures who supply an awesome range of natural bird toys for your parrots' chewing pleasure! Measures roughly 3cm thick, 9cm wide and 25cm tall, including the natural rope loop it hangs from.

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Small Timber Banana

The Small Banana is a toy made from soft pine that is coloured with food safe vegetable dyes. There are more coloured timber pieces hanging from soft plastic strands that hang from both sides of the toy. The total height of the toy is 25cm, while the main body of it is 13cm high, 7cm wide and 6cm deep.

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Small Squidalicious

Bright and colourful rolled paper sticks dyed with food-safe vegetable dye hang from a pleasantly shaped wooden cup. Hang and watch as your bird begins to unravel this paper treasure with glee. This is a great little toy for birds that like to shred things.
The body of the Small Squidalicious measures 12 x 3cm and it hangs a total of 21cm tall from the stainless steel chain.

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Chewy Fun

This toy is handmade with a variety of coloured, chewable items like: balsa wood, vine balls, cardboard birdy bagels, yucca pieces, leather and woven palm leaf plus a few different types of beads, all threaded onto stainless steel wire. It measures 20cm long.

Nickel Plated Pear Clip × 3

A standard sized, small pear clip that is nickel plated and safe for most small parrots. There are 3 toys in this pack that do not come with hanging links, so I have chosen to include matching links for simplicity.

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