Smarty Ring

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Smarty Ring

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The Smarty Ring is a foraging foot toy made out of hard timber. Each coloured dot is removeable and has a ‘well’ underneath that you can hide small treats in for your bird to retrieve.


The toy comes with a coloured plastic bead under each dot which can be removed or left in if your bird likes beads. Put small pieces of nuts, flavoured pellets or a sunflower seed under the dot and teach your parrot to remove the dot to find the reward.


This toy is also available in my store in a hanging, slim version which is better for smaller birds. It is called the ‘Smarty Stick’.


The toy often comes with the dots quite well hammered in at first, please let me know if you’d like my assistance removing them for the first time or if your parrot would prefer to dig them out themselves!

Email me when back in stock

Corella with various foraging foot toys (the Smarty Ring is first up)


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