2 Large Tri-Colour Snuffle Mats
Chief with large Snuffle Mat (Rainbow Paws
Rainbow Stripes – both sizes Snuffle Mat
Custom Tri-Colour Large Snuffle Mat
Large Snuffle Mat- Custom Red, Grass, Yellow
Large Snuffle Mat – Custom Pink, Eggplant, Purple
Large Sunset Spots Snuffle Mat (1)
Large Purple Tie Dye Snuffle (1)
Large Purple Tie Dye Snuffle (2)
Purple-Green Large Snuffle Mat

Snuffle Mat – Large

$83.00$85.00 (inc GST)

Currently unable to be backordered due to our upcoming wedding an limited availability of parts. Please contact me directly for requests.

Support local, Australian business by purchasing a top quality Snuffle Mat – handmade with love, by me! These are a fantastic way to occupy your pet on a rainy day, to slow down their eating and for pets with limited mobility or recovering from surgery. Snuffling for treats is a great stress relief for anxious pets and provides calm enrichment.

Add dry food or treats on top and mix them into the layers of material, then let your pet snuffle away to find them! This will provide mental stimulation, while satisfying their instincts to sniff and snuffle for their treats or whole meal. While these are not made as bed items, many pets like to relax after their snuffling work and lay on their soft, comfy mat. Snuffle Mats are suitable for cats and dogs of all sizes. I’ve also known of these being used for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits. It is not recommended to give these to birds, due to the risk of material fibers.

Great care is taken to ensure quality of each Snuffle Mat and I make them in two sizes. This large size measures roughly 60 x 40cm (regular size Snuffle Mats are also available at 30 x 30cm in my store).  One of the product photos shows the purple ‘tie dye’ large Snuffle Mat with a Xbox controller, for a size reference.  Snuffle mats should be used with supervision and aren’t recommended for dogs that are known for destructive chewing or eating material.

Select from the drop down menu below, to find your favourite design and check for availability. Normally large Snuffle Mats are not pre-made and need to be ordered for me to make them for you. While I do my best to update the status of each colour regularly, levels may not be perfect. If there is a problem with your order I will contact you to discuss.

  • Custom made and back-ordered mats will be made quickly after payment (2 days to 2 weeks is normal).
  • Some patterned material may be seen in photos and videos of previous mats in use. Not all patterns are available currently, please select from the drop down menu for current options.
  • I do welcome custom requests also. Please contact me via my Facebook Page or email to discuss.

See the ‘Description’ tab below for more detailed information about how the Snuffle Mats are made, colour availability and care instructions for your new mat.

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Chief with his ‘White with Rainbow Paws’ Large Snuffle Mat

Caesar with his ‘Rainbow Splotches’ Large Snuffle Mat

Saxton and Clover sharing their Large Snuffle Mat

Rosie (Cattle Dog X Greyhound) foraging for dried fish treats in her Snuffle Mat (large size)

Whippy the Bull Mastiff X trying out the large Snuffle Mat


As Snuffle Mats are handmade, each item will vary slightly in design. They are made using brand new materials: rubber door mats and high quality polar fleece, available in a range of designs and colours. These mats are cleaned before use and so is the polar fleece. I cut the fleece into the correct size strips, then to remove excess fluff, I wash the polar fleece and run it through the dryer before use. This ensures all items are clean, safe and top quality for your pet!
The mats are then hand made by threading and tying the material in 2 layers or directions through the mat. That is 144 hand cut, hand tied strips for the regular mat and 370 for the large!

  • If the colour/design that you’d like is showing “In stock” with a quantity of 1 or 2, this is because I have that colour Snuffle Mat pre-made and ready to send. I don’t normally have Large Snuffle Mats pre-made and ready to send.
  • Designs that are showing “Available on Backorder” mean that I have the material available, but it may not be cut into strips yet and the mat needs to be made. While I work very quickly to make your back-ordered mat (often only a few days), please allow up to 1-2 weeks for your Snuffle Mat to be made during busy times.
  • If a colour is showing as “Out of Stock”, generally that is because I don’t think I have enough of that colour material available to make a new mat. If you’d particularly like that colour, please contact me to check for more information. I will remove colours completely once it’s confirmed that they’re no longer available.

Care instructions for your new Snuffle Mat: After each use, shake out the snuffle mat, to ensure there’s no food left behind. The mats can be hand washed or machine washed on a gentle cycle as required. While they can go through the dryer, it is recommended to hang them up to air dry. The small amounts of exposed rubber mat may mark the inside of your washing machine or dryer.


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