Medium Soft Sisal Boing 1.5cm x 175cm – Hanging Spiral Perch

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Medium Soft Sisal Boing 1.5cm x 175cm – Hanging Spiral Perch

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Boings are great spiral rope perches that hang to provide extra climbing and perching opportunities. Hang these inside your birds’ cage or even from your ceiling (3M stick on hooks work well) to create a fun space for your parrot. Sisal rope is much safer for birds to chew than cotton and this thin size rope is suitable for Budgies through to Indian Ringnecks. Hanging Boings will swing and move a bit, similar to how trees sway in the wild. The rope offers plenty of grip for your bird to hold on to while they climb and explore.

The total length of the rope is 175cm and it is 1.5cm in diameter. When hung as pictured, it sits about 80cm tall, including the nickel plated bell at the bottom and pear clip at the top. With wire inside the rope, you can shape the boing to sit how you’d like it to, which can change the hanging length. These are very well made boings, with softer sisal rope than the other brand that I stock.  The photos show close ups of the rope and bell.

I stock another brand of boings, with a range of lengths and rope widths available (though with courser sisal). Check them out in the suggestions below.

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3 reviews for Medium Soft Sisal Boing 1.5cm x 175cm – Hanging Spiral Perch

  1. 5 out of 5

    danielle.c.jones (verified owner)

    True to the product description, this boing has lovely, soft sisal in a beautiful sable colour. The wire is quite sturdy, but it’s still very easy to manipulate into the desired shape.

    Unlike the Paradise Toys boing, this doesn’t come with a rotating hanger clip and is finished with a liberty bell, rather than a cowbell. I consider both of these things a plus! My cockatiels are a little clumsy (shh, don’t tell them I said that!), so the fact it doesn’t rotate quite as wildly is great for them. I prefer the liberty bell as it has a smaller profile, which means it’s less likely to get splattered with poo (which happened frequently with my Paradise Toys boing).

    I’m a convert to this brand of boing now and hoping they may add some larger boings and even some perches to their range in the future!

  2. 5 out of 5

    lceMocha (verified owner)

    Charlie (my cockatiel) and I really love this soft sisal boing! It came with a stainless steel quick-link so I didn’t have to buy an extra or supply my own. It came as described in the description and very easy for you to shape it to however you wish. Charlie has been running up and down this sisal boing all day since adding it to the cage. It has a slight gentle swing and boings (that’s the whole point of a boing right?!) since it is hung via a quick-link but it isn’t so wild that it becomes unstable to perch. This was really worth buying for me and I will be making another purchase of the larger version when I upgrade Charlie’s cage to a bigger cage. I highly recommend this product since it is made from sisal rope, it is a much safer alternative to cotton rope boings!

  3. 5 out of 5

    JessWalker13 (verified owner)

    My 5 month old cockatiel absolutely loves this! She plays on it, sleeps on it and everything in between! So worth it!

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