Treat Dispensing Crunchy Football by Starmark (2 sizes)

Treat Dispensing Crunchy Football by Starmark (2 sizes)


Two forms of enrichment in the one toy! The Starmark football has an open core through the middle, in which you can place kibble and treats for your dog to retrieve. Adjust the size of the openings by trimming the soft rubber pieces to suit. The inaccessible part of the toy, between the inner core and the outer football shape, is filled with crunchy, sturdy plastic. It makes a great crunching sound that is satisfying for your dog but not annoying to your neighbours – much better than a squeaker!


Made with safe elastomer that is soft to chew yet very durable. It floats in water which also makes it great for games of fetch in all situations. My own dog, Rosie, a Cattle Dog X Greyhound has had this toy for many months now (the larger size). She loves the crunch and I often hear her chewing at it at even when there’s not food in it, it is sturdy and is still going strong. I often put a dental chew treat inside the toy for her to chew, work and pull out of the football, as well as putting various kibble and small, dried treats inside for her to delight in removing. Take a look at the videos for this toy 🙂
She is also pictured with the small toy in the photos, Rosie had a playdate with a puppy who has the small.

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An informative video from the creators of this toy!

Rosie foraging for some small biscuits in the football

Rosie loves the crunching sound of the football, even without any food in it

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