Twister Kabob Stainless Steel Toy Skewer 30cm

Twister Kabob (2)
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Twister Kabob with Naturals

Twister Kabob Stainless Steel Toy Skewer 30cm

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A high quality and very safe stainless steel skewer that can be used to hang just about anything in your birds’ cage. This particular design is in a spiral shape and makes a great toy base. Make your own creations with toy parts or native seed pods and branches. The best part is, it’s all refillable!

You can also use this like a normal skewer for fruits and vegetables, foraging balls, foraging boxes and all kinds of other items. Also great for Rabbits and pocket pets.


This skewer is different in that the end cannot be easily unscrewed by your bird, a great solution for larger birds or those that make it their mission to un-do all their toys! The clever design means that your parrot cannot sufficiently grip the part that un-screws, to be able to un-do it. The ball end is made from hard parrot-safe acrylic. Better yet, you can hang the skewer by holding the metal part inside the cage and the ball outside, then screw together, through the bars so that the ball sits on the outside.


The total length of this item is 30cm. Due to the way the skewer spirals around, the usable part of the skewer is also 30cm long and the acrylic ball is 3.5cm in diameter. Suitable for all breeds of parrots and it comes with a nickel plated quick link.


This is made by Super Bird Creations, but comes without a tag. It is not the same brand as the Hangin’ Round straight skewers that I also stock, though it is very similar in design.

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  1. 4 out of 5

    Sam21 (verified owner)

    Refillable toy, great idea, making it cheaper to supply my babies with toys to shred

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