Environmental Promise

At Animal Enrichment Australia, we strive to minimise our environmental impact across all aspects of the business. From sustainable sourcing, reducing waste, using environmentally friendly packaging wherever possible and reusing any items that are in clean, good condition, without compromising on quality. Want to know more? Read below for some examples of how we’re doing our bit.

  • Sending most items in boxes made from recycled cardboard that I purchase in a range of sizes to suit.
  • Reusing clean boxes from other sources, which includes home life, boxes saved from family and friends as well as boxes from received stock.
  • Purchasing plant-based, compostable post satchels for items that are cheaper to post in satchels than boxes (saving YOU money on postage).
  • Packaging items in clean butchers paper and using scrunched newspaper for padding.
  • Reusing plastic and foam packaging received from suppliers to protect items that need it.
  • Participating in soft plastic recycling via REDCycle. Any soft plastic item that is received and not required for use gets recycled via this method. This includes where some products are sent by the supplier in plastic wrap, I remove the plastic to recycle or re-use it and send the product either wrapped in paper or without wrapping (as it is often not required). You can recycle many soft plastics in your home, via local supermarkets too!
  • Reducing plastic use wherever possible, choosing sources that have less plastic and asking suppliers to reduce plastic packaging in stock orders.
  • Use of paper bags for sending many toy parts or mixed small items. Currently zip lock bags are still used for some very small items, however I am seeking to use plant-based alternatives in the near future!
  • Minimising printing in all aspects of business – I use electronic order processing and management of stock. No pick list or invoice is included in your parcel to reduce paper use, though I am happy to send these upon request (email preferred). The only item that gets printed for most orders is the thermal shipping label. Some orders have small (A6) info sheets included where applicable. I used to not print the info sheets and just send links to online documents, however I found many people didn’t see or read these.

I truly care about the environment and do this in home life as well as through the business. Even the seed pods and branches that I collect for the natural bird toys are done in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. I am always open to suggestions and to learn of new ways to reduce my environmental impact, particularly when it comes to packaging. Feel free to email me any suggestions or feedback.

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