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Murphy’s Small Maintenance Pellet

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“Murphy’s Avian Maintenance Diet is a complete balanced diet for birds all year round. Pellets are a balanced diet which can represent up to 80% of a birds total diet, so do not provide additional Vitamin or Minerals. Ensure pellets are available as the primary source of food. Feeding fresh fruit and vegetables is also recommended.
Always monitor your birds weight & health condition, especially when transitioning to pellet foods.”

The new Murphy’s pellets are the perfect replacement for Roudybush pellets (Roudybush is no longer available in Australia). Murphy’s pellets are made with similar ingredients and pellet size, so they will look, smell and taste very similar to the Roudybush pellet that your bird is used to. Murphy’s pellets have been manufactured in Australia, by an Australian owned family business, not imported. A high quality, fresh smelling pellet that is sure to be a favourite for many birds! Find ingredients and nutritional information in the photos. Though not stated on the packet, I have had confirmation that the salt content of this diet is a low 0.33% (compared to 0.5% for Vetafarm Nutriblend). Some images show the previous Roudybush pellet, for comparison reasons. These are labelled as such.

Though similar to Roudybush, it is still recommended to gradually transition your bird between diets if you’re able to. Try feeding a few Murphy’s pellets as a treat, to see if your bird accepts them readily. When feeding in your birds’ cage, it is recommended to empty your birds’ food bowl (or foraging toys) of their previous diet, feed the new Murphy’s pellets in these locations, that your bird is used to getting their normal diet from. Meanwhile, provide some of the old diet in another bowl or toy, in a location that is new or different for your bird to eat from. Check out the conversion method by Brisbane Bird Vet for more information.

Murphy’s pellets are now available in Crumbles, Mini and Small sizes.
First released in Mini, many birds are already familiar with this size. Crumbles is now the smallest size pellet available in the maintenance diet range, which is recommended for nearly all pet Parrots. Using a smaller pellet, you will find there is less wastage (than larger pellets) and when used in a foraging scenario, it takes the bird longer to retrieve their meal. I feed both crumbles and mini to my own birds (Conures, Quakers, a Galah and Corella). Small is suitable for use in certain foraging toys, as hand fed ‘treats’ or for large birds who particularly like the larger sized pellets. A medium pellet may be made in the future, but no ETA is available for these.

Access to fresh water should always be allowed and a diet of fresh vegetables and some fruit should also be provided to your bird. When changing your bird from either seed or a different pellet, onto Murphy’s, it is recommended to convert them using a method approved by an avian vet. Closely monitor your birds’ weight and their droppings during this transition and chat to your avian vet if you’re concerned. This conversion method, recommended by Brisbane Bird Vet, has been successful for many birds.

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2 reviews for Murphy’s Small Maintenance Pellet

  1. 5 out of 5

    Sonja F (verified owner)

    Our Galah loved Roudy Bush but now no longer able to get it so the alternative was Murphy’s. It’s very similar looking to Roudy bush & our Galah didn’t have an issue with the brand change & a bonus this is Australian made! Would recommend this product!!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Meganbx10 (verified owner)

    My birds love these pellets more trek any other pellet I’ve tried… conures, Quakers, eccys, caiques, alexandrine, macaw and cockatoos. Getting ready to order our next bag!

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