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A collection of toys that I have selected as suitable for Budgies. You can also see this playlist of my Budgies in action with their foraging toys: HERE

  • Birdy Vine Ball Lollipop

    0 out of 5

    A cute little foot toy that is fun to chew. This toy is handmade by me, with a rolled paper stick and a 2cm vine ball, both are coloured with food safe dyes. There is a butterfly bead at the top of the toy and pony bead at the bottom, to hold the vine ball in place. While the beads are fixed, the vine ball can move around a bit.


    This toy is great for a foraging treat too, put a dry treat inside the vine ball for your bird to retrieve. They are quite light which makes them suitable for small parrots.

  • JW Tip & Treat

    0 out of 5

    A great cage-mounted foraging toy for our smaller birds, this simple yet enjoyable toy is perfect for Budgies, Lovebirds and Cockatiels. Watch as your bird learns to tip the pod to retrieve the reward from the tray below.


    Be sure to check out the video tab on this page to see this toy in use!


    Please note that there is a mirror that makes up the back wall of this toy. Mirrors have been found to be popular with these breeds of bird in particular, so it may help encourage your bird to this toy while they’re learning. Once they have learned to use the foraging part of this toy, you may wish to cover the mirror with some paper to avoid your bird becoming obsessed with their reflection. I have done this with my own birds’ toy and found it successful.

  • Birdy Bagel Firecracker

    5.00 out of 5

    The new Birdy Bagel Firecracker is a toy handmade by me to meet your small parrots’ chewing and preening desires! With a 10cm birdy bagel as the base, a dozen finger traps each held on with a birdy bagel bite and with shredded crinkly paper stuffed in the end of each bagel, it’s got plenty to chew!


    The toy measures 20cm wide and 25cm tall. It is fantastic for Budgies through to Indian Ringnecks. It hangs from a stainless steel chain and comes with a hanging link, though you can choose if you’d like a nickel plated or stainless steel one. Triangle link at the base is nickel plated as I cannot source stainless steel ones.

  • Holy Gumballs

    0 out of 5

    Holy Gumballs! Is a small to medium sized toy with lots of fun things happening! There’s so many colours and textures for your bird to explore and so many places you could hide food treats to encourage foraging behaviour too. With lots of rolled paper sticks poking out of the piece of timber in the middle (these are all coloured with food safe dyes), plastic flowers, wiffle balls, a nickel-plated bell and 2 mini ‘Feather Weight Stars’, Holy Gumballs will satisfy the tactile and visual needs of your bird.


    To add a foraging component, you can wedge thin treats like hulled oats or slivered almond pieces in the mini Feather Weight Stars, you can put dry treats inside the wiffle ball or stick pieces of paper straws in the holes (the paper straws can have treats inside too!) and you can even wedge pieces of food into the rolled paper sticks for your bird to retrieve. The last 2 photos show examples of this.


    This toy measures roughly 24cm long (including pear clip and bell) and 17cm wide, it suits most small to medium parrots.


    $19.70 $18.10
  • Cane Basket Forager

    0 out of 5

    Apologies, this product is out of stock while I wait for resupply of safe cane baskets for the base.

    The new Cane Basket Forager is a toy handmade by me! An easy toy to introduce to your small parrot who is beginning to forage. Partially fill the basket with some bird-safe foraging substrate and sprinkle some pellets, millet or other treat on top then watch your bird swinging in the basket while retrieving their goodies. You can also put foraging surprises in the large 8cm vine ball at the top.


    The toy measures 20cm wide and 25cm tall. It is fantastic for Budgies through to Indian Ringnecks. It hangs from 3mm plastic chain and a stainless steel wire and comes with a hanging link, though you can choose if you’d like a nickel plated or stainless steel one. All plastic ‘C’ links are closed off with a straw bead for safety. This toy isn’t suitable for large parrots or those who particularly like to chew through plastic.

  • Hide n Seek Refill

    0 out of 5

    A fun pack of safe, shreddable items for your bird to enjoy! This item replaces the goodies that come with the Hide N Seek toy, but they can be used in any refillable toy, or used in your own creation too! The pack comes with a decent handful of timber cubes in a variety of natural and coloured, 2 x vine balls measuring roughly 3 to 4cm in diameter that are normally natural/uncoloured (but sometimes come coloured) and a lovely mix of raffia rope pieces, which are fantastic for preening.


    All coloured items are dyed using bird safe food dyes.

    This item does not include the blue Hide N Seek toy/holder.

  • Chiquito Yucca Chew

    0 out of 5

    The Chiquito toy is made with lots of pieces of thick, soft Yucca logs, some coloured with bird-safe food colouring. All hung on thin sisal rope, hanging a total of 30cm long.


    It does not come with a hanging link which can be purchased separately.

  • Sitting Pretty

    5.00 out of 5

    A new toy from Super Bird, ‘Sitting Pretty’ is a cute, chewable toy for the little guys.  With a lots of coloured chunks of ‘Sola’ threaded on vege tanned leather, a little cane basket and a cute duck toy inside. There’s a bell hanging at the bottom and this toy comes with a nickel plated pear clip.


    Sola is another soft plant material that is similar to yucca and balsa. It is soft and satisfying to chew for smaller parrots who often don’t chew on harder timber.

    The toy measures a total of 24cm tall (including pear clip and bell), with the main body of the tall sitting 18cm tall, 11cm wide and 4cm deep.

  • Balsa Heaven

    5.00 out of 5

    Balsa is a very soft timber that is satisfying to chew and is a favourite for many small parrots. I made this toy as a birthday present for Larry the female Cockatiel, who is owned by one of my wonderful customers. She is pictured with her toy and has chosen to name it ‘Balsa Heaven’.


    This toy incorporates long, thin slats of balsa, with some colourful beads and a small pacifier at the bottom, all threaded onto stainless steel wire. A loop is made at the top of the toy to attach a hanging link to. The toy measures roughly 17cm tall and 15cm wide and the balsa can be fanned out or laid flat depending on your cage set up.


    Fantastic for Budgies, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Conures and Quakers.

  • Nuts About Casuarina

    5.00 out of 5

    A 20cm long, natural chew for small parrots. One of the original “Kirsty’s Natural Bird Toys”, this toy is handmade with Australian native seed pods and other natural parts like yucca, threaded onto stainless steel wire. A loop is made at the top of the toy to attach a hanging link to.


    You can add an element of foraging to your birds’ environment by hiding millet, pellets or other treats in the small openings in the dry seed pods, as shown in the last 2 pictures as an example.


    These natural toys are handmade and the seed pods are seasonally available. Therefore, every toy does differ and contains a mix of dry/open and green/closed seed pods. Please contact me before purchase if you have specific wishes or want to check availability of certain seed pods.

  • Natural Budgie Ladder – 25cm

    0 out of 5

    Natural ladders that are handmade, for each order.

    Each rung of the ladder will be a piece of branch from a native tree, with lots of bark for your small birds’ feet and nails. Ladder rungs are roughly 7cm across and an appropriate thickness for a Budgie. Lining the side is a seasonal mix of Australian Gumnuts, Casuarina and Liquid Amber pods plus native branch pieces, balsa bricks, vine balls/rings, birdy bagels, yucca pieces, woven leaf shredding strips and finger trap pieces, threaded onto stainless steel wire.


    I make a loop on each of the 4 ends. You can then attach a pear clip or other hanging link to each end (hanging links purchased separately and available on this site). I can put alternative ends on the ladder like a hook shape, though please be careful to assess how the hook sits in your birds’ area to ensure it is safe. See the last couple of photos which show these options.


    These natural toys are handmade and the seed pods are seasonally available. Therefore, every toy does differ and contains a mix of dry/open and green/closed seed pods. Please contact me before purchase if you have specific wishes or want to check availability of certain seed pods.


    These ladders do take a bit of time for me to make and I do this in addition to my job as a vet nurse. I also prefer to use fresh seed pods that I collect once I have an order, so please allow up to 1 – 2 weeks for your order to be made (though some can be made in a matter of days). Feel free to contact me before placing an order to check availability.

    Contact via my Facebook Page or email to is preferred.

  • Small Acrylic Maze

    0 out of 5

    This is a cute little foraging toy that is great for the smaller breeds of birds. Fill it with your bird’s favourite treats, and their normal diet.


    Your bird will need to spin the maze by holding onto the opening and moving it around. The wheel spins freely and your bird can watch their food move from shelf to shelf until it reaches the opening. By adding bird safe foraging substrate, you can increase the difficulty of this maze once your bird is experienced at it. The maze fits together as 2 pieces and is held firmly by the bolt and washers attaching it, however it can be taken apart for easy cleaning.


    This toy is made from tough, clear and coloured acrylic and will hold up against even the tougher beaks. It is the small version of this toy, a large is also available and both are pictured in the last image.  The small measures 10cm in diameter and roughly 3cm thick/deep. Screws onto the side of the cage with the nut and bolt set, as well as 2 washers. Fits all cage/aviary bars.

  • Small Orange

    0 out of 5

    The Small Orange is a toy made from soft pine that is coloured with food safe vegetable dyes. There are more coloured timber pieces hanging from soft plastic strands that hang from both sides of the toy.


    The toy measures 7cm x 22cm, including the nickel plated chain and pear clip.

  • Hanging Box Feeder

    0 out of 5

    The Creative Foraging Systems Hanging Box Feeder toy is great for feeding your birds’ dry food and treats. Fill with bird safe foraging substrate to make the food harder to get to and more time consuming for your bird.


    Your can introduce this to your bird at an easy level, without any covering at first. Once they know there’s food in the toy, you can start covering it with the sleeves provided for them to work more for their food. Your clever parrot will need to chew open the cardboard box to access the rewards inside! The cardboard sleeves come with various perforated openings that you can remove as ‘windows’ to the food inside, another great way to adjust the difficulty as your bird learns. The Hanging Box Feeder comes with 2 sleeves in the pack already and refill packs of 5 sleeves can be purchased separately.


    This toy is made from clear polycarbonate and hangs on a short chain with pear clip to attach it to your birds’ cage.

  • Sisal Perch 45 x 2cm (PT389)

    0 out of 5

    This perch, by Paradise Toys, is made with bird-safe sisal rope and stainless steel hardware. The strong wire that the rope is twisted around, means you can bend and manipulate this perch to shape it around your parrots’ cage. Have it zig zagging across the cage, looping over other perches or attached in a ‘U’ shape for your birds’ sleep perch.


    The 2cm rope diameter is suitable for small parrots from Budgies to Indian Ringnecks. It attaches to the cage at each end with a stainless steel bolt and wing nut set, with large diameter washers in between. Fits most cage and aviary bars. The rope section of this perch is 45cm long, making the total length closer to 50cm including the pvc parts and bolt.

  • Paper Party Toy – Mini

    0 out of 5

    This is a great, chewable toy made by Super Bird that will help to keep your parrot amused. With lots of colourful paper sticks, what’s not to love! Each brightly coloured stick is made from tightly rolled paper and is coloured with safe food dye. They are attached securely into the coloured wood block, which attaches to the cage.


    The Paper Party Toy can be attached from the top of the cage (similar to the Squidalicious toys) but is best used horizontally from the side of the cage where it then becomes a perch as well as a toy.


    Measures roughly 11 x 4cm and fans out to about 4cm at the end. Attaches to cage bars with a small stainless steel bolt/washer/wingnut set. Colours do vary and will be chosen at random.