Birdy Bagel Firecracker

Birdy Bagel Firecracker (1)
Birdy Bagel Firecrackers – various colours 600
Birdy Bagel Firecracker (3)
Birdy Bagel Firecracker (2)
Mooncake with Firecracker 1 (Custom)
Cockatiels with Birdy Bagel Firecracker
Mooncake with Firecracker 3
Vibrant Firecracker – option
Vibrant Bagel Firecracker
Birdy Bagel Firecracker – Normal variety
Birdy Bagel Firecracker – Reg, Normal
Vibrant Baby Firecracker (1)
Birdy Bagel Firecracker – Reg, Vibrant

Birdy Bagel Firecracker

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The Birdy Bagel Firecracker is a toy handmade by me, to meet your birds’ chewing and preening desires! It is fantastic for Budgies through to Indian Ringnecks. With the hanging base surrounded by colourful finger traps each held on with a birdy bagel bite and with shredded crinkly paper stuffed in the end of each finger trap, it’s got plenty to chew! Your parrots will delight in chewing and preening this toy and the best part is, you can replenish it with the toy parts in my store once it’s been demolished!

All metal used in this toy is stainless steel, making it super safe and high quality. The colour of the shredded crinkly paper may vary and a range of pictures are shown as examples.

With a large Birdy Bagel as the base and 11 finger traps surrounding it, the toy measures 20cm in diameter at the body of the toy (to the ends of the finger traps), the shredded crinkly paper spreads out to 30cm total diameter. The Birdy Bagel Firecracker does not come with a hanging link, though you can choose one from the options if you don’t have spares already.

This product is handmade by me (Kirsty). While I often have some pre-made and ready to send, some orders may wait while I make a new one. Normally the wait is only a day or 2, while I make more. Feel free to contact me to check availability.

Feeling festive? The Christmas version of this toy can be found HERE.

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5 reviews for Birdy Bagel Firecracker

  1. 5 out of 5


    Wohoo, what a funnnn toy! My Budgies had a go, but now my Conures have it. They all love it. They pick at the shredded paper bits, chew the crunchy tubes and one of the Budgies was even sitting in the middle, preening at it. One of the Conures has removed a small bagel but it has been a favourite foot toy part and they’re loving it 😀

  2. 5 out of 5

    foreverskylight (verified owner)

    My cockatiels LOVE to wreck this. They love wrecking things in general but… this especially is something they just love to rip to shreds lol. One of their favourite toys they’ve ever had!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Sam21 (verified owner)

    Our Galah was rehomed with us after his owner died. Bb is learning to play with toys, something he never had. This was a favourite – he loved pulling it to pieces. Need to refill it and let him start again

  4. 5 out of 5

    Zomgie (verified owner)

    Didnt even last one day before my young green cheek had all the paper out of the finger traps 🙂 Have re-filled it for him today, he loves it!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Niki Gye (verified owner)

    Kept my cockatiels busy and was a nice colourful addition to their cage.

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