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    Kong Gyro Forager (2 Sizes)

    We are very excited to announce the new KONG Gyro toy! It is sure to entertain with irresistible roll and flip action that entices and intrigues dogs. The dynamic center spinning orb and static outer ring encourages dogs to push, paw and roll the Gyro, delightfully dispensing tasty treat rewards along the way. Ideal for independent play, stuff with treats or kibble for extended play and meal time.


    The 2 halves screw apart for easy filling and cleaning.  Available in large and small sizes. The large is suitable for dogs over 10kg and the small is suitable for dogs under 10kg, as well as for Chickens and other small animals like Guinea Pigs.


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    Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble (2 Sizes)

    The Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble toy mentally and physically stimulates your dog by randomly dispensing treats during play, turning dog meal times into play times. This oval shaped ball has soft, rubbery ridges which helps to stop and slow the ball as well as having it roll in an irregular way, with the added bonus of protecting the surfaces that it is rolled on. The Kibble Nibbles is suitable only for dry biscuits and treats, it will dispense food as your pooch rolls the toy around.

    The Kibble Nibble comes in 2 sizes, the small is approximately 12cm long x 10cm wide, suitable for dogs under 15kg. While the large is approximately 16cm long x 15cm wide and for dogs over 15kg. The toy unscrews for easy filling and cleaning. This is a great foraging toy that is easy to get your pet started on and continue to use even once they’re experienced foragers. Do keep in mind that it is not ruggedly tough so may not be suitable for dogs that are destructive or like to chew. I would recommend the Kong Wobbler large or Busy Buddy Twist n Treat for these pets. Please do contact me for further suggestions also 🙂


  • 5.00 out of 5

    Chicken Foraging Ball

    Awesome new foraging toy, now available for Chickens!

    Pull the 2 halves apart, dunk it in your chickens’ favourite dry food treats/food, close the ball then pop it on the grass for them to kick, peck and scratch at. Food will fall out the small openings at each end as your bird manipulates the toy.

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    Kong Cat Food Ball

    Place treats inside and watch your cat chase and swat the KONG Treat Ball! Challenging and entertaining, the Treat Ball helps keep cats  busy, healthy and happy. This is a cool, little food ball that is fairly simple in design, yet more than you basic, hollow sphere. The ball is slightly oval shaped and has small ‘craters’ on the surface. Inside the food ball there is 2 sections, the inner shaft and the outer shell. Food moves around in these compartments, working their way to the opening for your clever cat to retrieve.


    A great treat ball for beginners and pros alike. Check out the video tab to see a litter of kittens playing with theirs.



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