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There are a lot of safe vs toxic foods lists available for birds, but did you know that many of the non-toxic foods can still be very unhealthy for your pet? This document shows a bit of a ‘food pyramid’ of which fruit/vegetables/other items should be fed the most and which should be saved for treats. It also includes details on some safe, Australian native trees that you can use for ‘wild foods’ and perches.

I wrote this recipe in 2014 after trying a few different things to make a healthy treat for my own birds. Feel free to use this and modify it to suit you.

So, what is foraging? Find out more and why is it important for your parrot here.

For more information about the importance of foraging for cats & dogs.

How to best introduce the concept of foraging to your pet. A general document that applies to all species/breeds.

An example of how to introduce a specific bird foraging toy. The Bottom’s Up/3 Cup Foraging Toy is an ideal beginner toy for small parrots, like Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers and Caiques.

An example of how to introduce a specific dog foraging toy. This one is about the Buster Food Cube Dog Toy, though you can get ideas for other toys from the examples in this document.