Avian Vet Links

This page is full of links to information and articles from our avian vets.

  • Need an avian vet in Australia? Click here to see the list. This list may not be complete, however we feel it is the best available currently.
  • Want to know the best way to trim a birds’ wings? Click here for Brisbane Bird Vet’s article on Facebook showing the correct method.
  • Converting your Parrot to pellets is great for their health, but it can be tricky to do. Here‘s an article by Brisbane Bird Vet describing a successful method. I have used this method personally, with quite a few of my birds.
  • A range of pellets are available here (the coloured, flavoured pellets are particularly handy for converting from seed to pellets). I feed my own birds Murphy’s Crumbles as their main diet, with variety of other pellets mixed in on occasion. Fresh vegetable and fruits are offered regularly, along with safe wild foods and fresh flowers.
  • We all love to be loved by our pet parrots, but did you know that your relationship can be confusing for your bird? Our pet parrots aren’t as domesticated (or as distantly related from their wild ancestors) as cats and dogs. They are flock animals and also mate for life. Bonding closely with your bird, while rewarding for you, can be damaging for your bird. This article by Brisbane Bird Vet goes into more detail and talks about some of the issues that over-bonding can cause for your parrot.

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