Pelleted diets to support your birds’ health.
I have fed my own birds Roudybush brand pellets as their primary diet for roughly 10 years and have recommended them to everyone during that time. Roudybush is no longer made in Australia and in early 2021, my last supplies of their pellet ran out.
Murphy’s brand pellets have been made to fill this gap and are very similar in composition to Roudybush. They will replace the pellet and are made in Australia, by an Australian owned company.

ZuPreem pellets are imported from America and are another very high quality pellet. This food is NOT irradiated or treated on import. It comes in a range of shapes and sizes, including flavours.

Avian vets advise that Vetafarm pellets are higher in salt, but do make good treats (instead of using fatty seeds). With a variety of colours and flavours, they’re also easier to use for birds converting from seed to pellets.