Pelleted diets to support your birds’ health.
I have fed my own birds Roudybush brand pellets as their primary diet for roughly 10 years and have recommended them to everyone during that time. Until recently I was unable to stock them (due to not having a physical store). However, due to recent changes in suppliers, I can now supply them.

Please note, Nibles and Mini sized pellets are currently not available and may not be in Australia again. Crumbles is the smallest size and I will be transitioning my own birds to Crumbles now too. The Small and Medium sized pellets do make good treats for large birds and can be used in some styles of foraging toys that suit larger pieces.

High Energy Breeder pellets are recommended for Budgies (due to their ‘zoomy’ behaviour and higher need for energy) as well as for breeding birds. This is only available in the Nibles size currently.

Avian vets advise that vetafarm pellets are higher in salt, but do make good treats (instead of using fatty seeds). With a variety of colours and flavours, they’re also easier to use for birds converting from seed to pellets.

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