Vetafarm Nutriblend Mini 2kg


Vetafarm Nutriblend Mini 2kg

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The Vetafarm Nutriblend pellet is fruit flavoured and extra tasty for your parrot. It’s great for use as a treat in dry food foraging toys for birds that eat plain pellets as their regular diet. It can also be useful to use this coloured, flavoured pellet to convert your bird from a seed diet. Birds are more likely to take to this food when converting than they are to many of the plain pellets varieties.  This pellet is the mini size, which is the smallest in the Vetafarm range.

While this pellet is designed and safe for long term use, I prefer to feed Murphy’s plain pellets as my birds’ main pellet and keep the Nutriblend pellets for treats. Of course fresh fruit and veges should still be given regularly and fresh water always available. Max salt content of this diet is 0.5%., as stated by Vetafarm.

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